Beauty Queen-Wedding Makeup Tips

It’s generally considered by most that your bridal makeup should be understated and not too over the top.

Remember those wedding photos will last a rather long time, so you want to make sure your makeup is on point for the big day.

Rather than going through different makeup styles for your wedding day (just because the general consensus is that less is more), here a rundown of some top beauty tips to stick by to make for a perfectly made up wedding day.

Pick a Good Waterproof Mascara

No expense should be spared here; it can mean the difference between still looking flawless on your wedding night and having panda eyes after crying every time someone tells you how beautiful you look. Waterproof mascara is a MUST HAVE for any bride and No. 7’s extreme length waterproof mascara does the trick pretty well. Benefit’s BADgal waterproof mascara also has pretty good staying power and will really make your lashes pop.


Opt for a heavier than normal Foundation

Less is indeed more  in the grand scheme of things but when it comes to your wedding day and, depending on the time of year and weather, you may want to go for a heavier foundation that lasts you well into the night. A good thing to try out if you haven’t already is Boots’ Match Made Service. It’s quick and easy and will ensure you get the exact right shade of foundation for your skin tone, no trial and errors needed.


Be sure to use an Eye Base Primer

Rather than just putting eyeshadow straight onto the lid, try using an eye base primer before your shadow goes on for a longer lasting eye look that won’t leave creases. Maybelline’s colour tattoos are a great example of this, and retailing at around £5, they don’t break the bank when preparing for your wedding. They are also 24 hour wear which means they have amazing staying power. If you’d like a clear base, you can’t get much better than Urban Decay’s Primer Potion to give you crease free eye makeup to last all day and night.


Go Neutral but apply a little more than normal

Ok, this is contradictory but there’s a method in my madness. You want a neutral makeup look so you don’t look like a clown but for your wedding photos however, apply a little more makeup than usual to make sure it stands out enough to be caught on camera. Lighting and the camera will tone down the look of your makeup so you still want to make sure your beautiful face is seen when looking back at your wedding day photos.


Choose a Signature Wedding Day Perfume

This is a lovely idea, because it means you get to remember your wedding day in years from now, just by the scent of your signature perfume bought specifically for that day. Choose a scent you wouldn’t buy every day and only use it on special occasions (other than your actual wedding day of course). It’s a great way to get that nostalgia on future anniversaries too! It doesn’t matter which scent you go for, just pick something that is unique to you and which adds a beautifully scented touch to your special day.


Most of the above tips are common sense when planning your wedding day makeup. One thing to make doubly sure of though is to have a makeup trial BEFORE the big day. Here you can ensure that your makeup will stay as long as you need it to and also that you’re not allergic to any of it too. There would be nothing worse than trying on your makeup the night before or worse, slapping it on the morning of your wedding, just to come out in a horrible rash minutes later because YOU haven’t planned far enough ahead.

Hopefully with these simple makeup tips, you can ensure you look absolutely flawless on your wedding day, without a panda eye in sight!

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