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On the colour scheme, the current popular trend, that shows no sign of disappearing any time soon, is blush. What brides think of as blush varies from soft pale pinks seen in peonies, through to peaches and nude tones picked up in beautiful roses. All equally as stunning.


Bouquet Style:
The most popular bouquet style is definitely “wild”. Uniformed round bouquets have definitely taken a back seat and been replaced for the time being with freeform uneven bouquets that almost look as if they have just been scooped from a meadow. These beautiful bouquets are created using a variety mixed wild flowers and lots of greenery and can be tailored to near enough any colour scheme. And for your bridesmaids, gypsophila posies are definitely top of the list. Such a versatile flower, Gypsophila can be used to create large bouquets for your adult maids, and also used in flower baskets or wands for your little ones. Perfect!

Table centres:
Centrepiece styles are always so personal, and definitely are extensions of brides and grooms personalities. The styles can range from large an elaborate tall designs on glass plinths, to the simplest of things and even 1 or 2 flowers in a tall vase. However, the most popular option currently is jars and vases. Lots of small vases, and jars clustered together on a mirror or, as is a growing trend, on log slices, and filled with flowers. These centrepieces appeal to both the DIY bride and the florist, as once finished, they look uber stylish and allow the bride to create something which is a big part of their day.

What’s in season

Choosing flowers that are in season is the easiest way to make your wedding flower budget stretch that little bit further.

Spring & Summer
For spring and summer weddings you have the most choice, as majority flowers are blooming beautifully during this time of year. Be it soft pink Peonies, or lush Delphiniums… your florist will hep you choose from a huge selection of beauties for your big day.

For autumn weddings, the flowers most definitely reflect the season, with some stunning hues of reds and oranges available. Stunners such as Celosia can be striking additions to your wedding bouquet, that haven’t been seen in those of other brides!

For winter weddings, there are some really amazing flowers available to complement a winter theme perfectly. Having a winter wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh flowers. Hyacinths, Narcissus and Tulips to name a few,  look truly amazing!

All year Round
And then, we have the wonderful year round varieties. These, despite being available year round, can be beautiful and really complement your big day. Stunners such as Cala Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemum and Hydrangeas can be used year round, and look amazing! (not all colours are available all year round)


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