Halloween & Autumnal Wedding Ideas

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year; so many falling leaves and shades of orange, red and yellow. It’s turning brisker and everything just generally looks prettier.

So we thought we would do a mash up of Autumnal and Halloween weddings together, to give you some ideas to theme your wedding if you love this time of year just as much as we do!

Pumpkin Aisle runners

Little accents like this are great simple ways to bring Autumn into your wedding ceremony. Use small pumpkins to begin each row of chairs in your ceremony suite, to add a pop of Autumnal colour.

Velvety Décor

Whether Autumnal or Spooky, velvet works well with any wedding décor. Choose burgundy velvet runners and black velvet chaise longues for your wedding photos. Velvet adds class to your wedding décor, and feels nice too!

Themed Halloween Style Drinks

Movies like Alice in Wonderland and its ‘Drink Me’ labels come to mind here, as well as floating eyeballs in green luminous alcohol, with dry ice clouds spilling over the top. If you love all things spooky, you can get real creative with your Halloween beverages. And the kids can get involved aswell, with many Halloween drinks being mocktail friendly too!

Simple drinks like Vodka and Cranberry juice add the ‘bloody’ colour you need to toast your nuptials!

Another great idea is to freeze plastic spiders inside ice cubes to give your guests a real fright! You could even carve out a large pumpkin and use it as a punch bowl.

Or Warming Autumnal Hot Chocolate!

This is perfect if you’re having any part of your wedding outside; have a hot chocolate station and for the adults, add a dash of spiced rum for an extra warming kick. Marshmallows don’t go amiss either.

Autumnal bouquets

If you’re opting for the orange, browns and reds, your bridal bouquet will fit right in with the season. Or, if you’re more the Gothic type, choose reds, purples and blacks, and add spooky embellishments to accentuate your Halloween bouquet. You could even go one further and have your wedding flowers inside a pumpkin as you walk down the aisle (try to choose a lighter pumpkin as your arms may get tired!).

Gothic Cake Toppers

There’s a well known gothic brand called Nemesis Now, who happens to create stunning skeleton sculptures of the happy couple, that is perfect for the top of a wedding cake! Our very own Natasha from I Do even had one atop her own wedding cake (pictured below).

And Autumn Accented Cakes

You don’t have to go all orange for your wedding cake; if you just want a subtle nod to your favourite season of your year, add little accents to your wedding cake. Fondant Autumn leaves and mini pumpkins are great ways to show your appreciation for this season, without sacrificing the aesthetic you’re looking for.

Scented Candle Wedding Favours

You can either choose a pumpkin scented Autumnal candle, or opt for a skull shaped votive. But candles are a great idea for an Autumnal or Halloween wedding favour. They lend themselves really well to the time of year.

And Candelight Decor!

If your venue allows naked flames, have lit candles decorated throughout; they help create a spooky atmosphere and look lovely too!

Irregular Choice wedding shoes

If you’re going for an Autumnal or Halloween themed wedding, chances are you’ll want to extend the theme to your wedding shoes too! Irregular Choice stock a huge range of weird and wonderful shoe designs that would work perfectly for your Autumnal or Halloween themed special day.

Just look at these beauties: https://www.irregularchoice.com/chosen/halloween/mrs-webb-b.html

And these! https://www.irregularchoice.com/chosen/halloween/chinese-whispers-g.html?___SID=U

Toffee Apple Favours

Toffee Apples are filled with nostalgia; bringing back times of when you were younger and had these at Halloween or Bonfire night, a toffee apple is a great wedding favour idea, and can also be used as a table place setting if you have the guests’ name piped on to the apple.

Autumn wedding games

Kids will really love this one; go bobbing for apples! Or create a spooky maze for your guests to wind their way through!

Chocolate Orange Flavoured food

If you’re a fan of the black and orange theme that runs through Halloween, opt for chocolate orange flavoured wedding food. it’s a great flavour combination and looks fantastic too! Check out how tasty these macaroons look!

We hope we’ve helped give you some great ideas for your own Autumn or Halloween inspired wedding; there are plenty of ways you can jazz up your special day for this season, so use this post as inspiration and if you have a seasonal wedding, we’d love to hear about it too!

Just email us at info@ido-magazine.co.uk and it may be featured in the next issue of I Do!


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