Niki and Tom Set a Wedding Date!

It’s not all doom and gloom during this pandemic; we’ve had some couples set dates for their wedding and today is one of them.

Today we chat to Niki and Tom about planning a wedding during a pandemic and what they’re hoping for on their special day.

Q: Hi guys, thanks for chatting to us today. Ok, so tell me how you and Tom met and also how you got engaged.

‘So Tom and I first met back in School, we were in the same form as each other, then I moved forms. In year 10 and 11 we had business studies together, I secretly fancied Tom and he fancied me but neither if us dared ask the other out. We left school, both met other people. And had children.

Fast forward 20+ years when we were both single when I contacted Tom via Facebook and we arranged to meet up, one thing led to another and 3.5 years later, we have a very healthy 19.5 month old together. We went to Cannon Hall with our children and his dad and step mum, where Tom was acting so strange. He waited till we got home, looked at me, walked over and got down on one knee and that’s when he asked me to marry him. I had tears in my eyes, Tom isn’t much of a romantic haha. We got engaged November 2018.

Q: When’s your wedding date?

‘We are getting married next June (2021) (Keeping the date a secret as we’ve still got family to tell)’

Q: What sort of wedding planning couple do you think you are? Do you plan everything meticulously or are you more relaxed?

‘I’d say were more relaxed at wedding planning.’

Q: How do you feel about planning your wedding during this pandemic?

‘Well, we were looking at getting married this year, we had already agreed on June but we were still deciding on a location and then with lockdown and Covid-19 it’s been difficult not been able to see venues, finding the right one.

Q: What things worry you about your own wedding day?

‘We just want everything to be perfect. I’m worried that we might hit a 2nd peak and everything goes into lockdown again 🙁

Q: Some couples like to theme their wedding and we’ve even seen Star Wars themed days, as well as rainbow themed! Do you know yet what sort of theme you’re having if any?

‘We’re 90’s school kids, so we were thinking of having 90’s music. But we have soooo varied/ different taste in music, I’m a blues, jazz, pop kinda woman whereas Tom is Motown, heavy metal, thrash. We’re still deciding on a wedding song, we thought we found THE ONE but then we heard something the other day and now we have a dilemma haha. Our cake will be Jack & Sally themed (The Nightmare before Christmas).’

Q: Are there are unique things you plan to have on your wedding day? For example, we’ve seen the bride have a grandparent walk them down the aisle instead of the father, as well as couples having dogs as the ring bearers!

‘Nope, kinda traditional, my 2 boys as pageboys and my future step daughter will be my junior bridesmaid. My dad will be giving me away too.

Q: What advice would you give to other couples who are just starting out planning their wedding?

‘Talk to each other, write down each others wishes, compare notes and try and meet in the middle if you can’t agree. Or Download an app to help with a checklist, you can write a gift list, table seating, its got everything you need.

Good luck to Niki and Tom for planning their wedding. Hopefully they can make it to an I Do Wedding Show soon!

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