Weddings in Lockdown: Sarah and Gareth

As we’re all still staying safe in lockdown, we thought we’d get in touch with some couples who’s plans were scuppered due to the pandemic and see how their plans have changed.

This week we spoke to Sarah and Gareth who refused to let the pandemic stop their wedding, and so got married at home in a virtual ceremony.

Here is the story in their words:

‘We are from Wakefield West Yorkshire and have a little boy who is one year old.

We decided to get married in Gretna Green on 7th April 2020 and have a big reception a few days later in our home town for all our family and friends.

The wedding in Gretna Green was cancelled and the company we booked with have been very difficult regarding a refund.

The entire experience was really bringing me down and causing me sleepless nights so I decided to do something positive.

I found an online celebrant called Ellie from Wildflower Ceremonies who offered to perform a handfasting ceremony in exchange for a donation to NHS charities.’

‘We dressed up in our wedding clothes. Decorated our living room with candles and flowers.
We set up our tablet in our living room and facetimed our parents so they could watch. Our little boy was in our arms for most of the service which lasted about 20 minutes but he did fall asleep. We exchanged rings and it was very emotional.’

‘Afterwards we had food delivered and drank some champagne. It made a day that would have otherwise be one of sadness into something to celebrate.’

‘I’m so happy we did it. We plan to have a legal ceremony in our home town once the lockdown has lifted and we’ve postponed our big reception until things are safe for our loved ones to travel.’
We will be keeping in touch with the happy couple and hope to tell you all about their originally planned wedding when it happens.


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