2021 Wedding Trends to Watch
2021 Wedding Trends to Watch
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Wedding trends this year have undoubtedly been affected by the ongoing pandemic, and it’s interesting to see how. There’s obviously been an impact on guest numbers, so you can expect to see relating trends in this list plus many more.

Here are our top trends that we’re seeing for weddings this year.

Keep an eye on this list, as we expect the pandemic to cause wedding trends to alter even further, with new ones emerging as the year goes on. The one thing we do know is that it’s all to play for in 2021!

Live Streamed Weddings
Right now it’s a necessity, but in the near future live streamed weddings are looking to continue for the long-term. Many couples have family and friends that live abroad, and sometimes, travelling is an issue. For example, if an elderly relative can’t travel to your special day, you can still make sure they see you get hitched by having a live video link direct to them.

Micro Weddings
Couples still don’t know when they may get their big wedding with all their loved ones, so many are opting for micro-weddings. Even couples booking weddings for 2022 and beyond are considering micro-weddings. Cost plays a big factor here and many venues have adapted by crafting smaller wedding packages for couples wanting to keep it intimate.

Gifts of Gratitude
We’ve all been through such a lot over the past 12 months, and couples want to give back to those who finally get to attend their wedding. Gratitude gifts are heartfelt tokens of thanks that couples are looking to give as favours to their wedding guests. This means more thought is going into them and they’re taking more time to find the right token that says ‘we really appreciate you’.

Hollywood Glamour
I’m not speaking for everyone here, but I personally can count the number of times I have worn makeup during this pandemic on one hand. It just feels a little pointless when you’re stuck at home and many brides feel the same. This has translated into a bridal hair and makeup trend that’s sweeping the internet by storm. Brides are opting for overstated Hollywood style makeup with big fluttery lashes and a bright crimson lip, followed by Glamorous bridal hair featuring overstated sparkling hair pieces. They’re even going for big glittering necklaces and long chandelier style earrings to complete the Hollywood look. If you’re gonna go all out, do it right!

Focussing on the British
What with Brexit and the Pandemic, many couples are choosing to stick with British when it comes to their wedding. This means focussing on home grown and locally sourced British produce for the wedding menu. Not only that,but couples are also wishing to help boost the economy after the stresses of the pandemic, so are choosing to put their hard earned cash back into the British economy through supporting local suppliers, rather than overseas. This also makes sense to avoid any delivery issues with potential red tape surrounding new rules with us no longer being part of the EU.

Grooms- Keeping it Personal
Grooms can often feel left behind when it comes to changing wedding trends, but this year we’re seeing a rise in popularity of personalisation for grooms, whether its buttonholes, socks or shoes. The more alternative, the better! We’re seeing lego character buttonholes and pops of bright colours to contrast with grey/navy wedding suits.

Get Married Now, Party Later
This is a trend which has been created as a direct result of the pandemic. Couples who may have already had to move their date, are now deciding to go ahead with the wedding on a small, very intimate scale, but are planning huge wedding afterparties for when life gets back to some kind of normal. We’re expecting to see more of how these after parties will look later this year. But for now, this trend is one to definitely keep an eye on.

MASSIVE Weddings
You’ve waited all this time and had to rearrange your wedding more times that you can remember. So you want to make it count! We may have mentioned micro-weddings in this list, but an alternate trend we’re also seeing is a move to over-the-top massive weddings where everything is go big or go home. Couples want to make it extra special for their guests, so are going all out in terms of entertainment, a massive variety of food, even bridal bouquets are getting bigger! We expect to also see massive princess style gowns coming back into fashion as brides want that attention grabbing look as they greet their wedding guests. More is definitely more!

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Leaf embroidered Bridal gowns
This is an emerging trend we’re seeing. Many designers such as Stella York, Mori Lee and Essense of Australia have all adopted intricate leaf designs into their latest bridal collections. It looks effortless but gives a stunning look to a bridal gown. Whether its sage leaf designs all over the bodice, or a leaf print that cascades down the train, the nod to greenery in bridalwear is a trend we’re in love with.

Mustard tones
The colour of the year according to the Pantone Colour Institute is Illuminating Yellow (along with Ultimate Grey). So we’re seeing variations on yellow coming across in trending wedding colour schemes. There is a definite love of mustard and darker yellow tones and this is being shown in groomswear accessories, flowers and even bridesmaid gowns.

Sustainability is more important now than ever. With the plea to go plastic free being high up on the list, many couples are opting for this for their big day. Couples are also looking at venues to see how eco-friendly they are, and this is playing an important part in where they choose to get married.

Pastel Colour scheme
Pastel is BACK according to upcoming trends. And couples aren’t just sticking to one or two pastel colours, they’re going for the whole pastel rainbow for their wedding day. From mix and match pastel bridesmaid gowns to pastel throughout all your wedding decor. It adds a more relaxed feel to a wedding with mint greens and peach tones. Weddings with a pastel colour scheme are one to watch.

Immersive Entertainment
Remember when we mentioned massive weddings earlier on? Well couples are going mad for totally immersive wedding entertainment. There’s a BIG focus on the wedding guests, ensuring they have a great time at your wedding, leaving no gaps for complacency or boredom. Think of entertainers who walk round your big day such as magicians or caricature artists. These have always been on our entertainment list, but we’re now seeing a huge rise in popularity to keep wedding guests WOWed at all times. Think of circus performers or design your own cocktail bars. Everything will be designed to draw in your guests and entertain them non stop.

Etta James – ‘At Last’
Rather tongue in cheek, but this is tipped to be possibly the most played first dance song at weddings in the latter half of this year and well into 2021. We all know a couple who have had to rearrange their wedding at least once and if this is you, why not tip your hat to Etta James and play this at your wedding.

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