Accessorise your Wedding
Accessorise your Wedding
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We all know a wedding look isn’t complete without the accessories to compliment.

Shoe Clips

Add some Hollywood sparkle to your wedding shoes with shoe clips to adorn them. Both Harriet Wilde and Rainbow Club stock a range of shoe clips to suit any bride. If sparkle isn’t your thing, can also get pom pom and flower clips for your wedding shoes.  

Wedding handbag

Either match your wedding bag with your gown colour, or go for a contrasting metallic sparkle to finish your look. This will keep your wedding emergency kit inside such as plasters, lip gloss, deodorant etc, so it needs to be functional but can certainly be stylish.

Choose your heel

Go for a heel height you are actually capable of walking in. Some brides go all out with a pair of stunning bridal heels on their wedding day, but if your balance is off, you won’t be stood up for long. Rainbow club offer gorgeous bridal styles in a range of easy to wear heights.

Bridal Jewellery

Add some sparkling bridal jewellery to your wedding day look. Depending on the neckline of your dress, you could opt for a draped pendant, and if you’re wearing your hair up, take advantage and go for dangly earrings. Brides with a low back gown can also have back necklaces to create a delicate yet beautiful feature.

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