All aspects of the Groomswear
All aspects of the Groomswear
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It’s not often the Groom gets their own spotlight on their wedding day, so we’re here to change that. We’ve put together a handy article that goes over all the options a groom could have to really dress up his wedding day look.

Hire or buy?
This can be a difficult question for grooms, as there are so many great hire and purchase options out there. What you need to think is, do you generally wear suits? If you don’t, then hiring is the way to go. Otherwise, buy your suit and you can wear it again on other occasions.

Suit Style
Whether going for full coat and tails or a traditional three piece, there are options out there for the groom to personalise his look. Why not rock a tuxedo to your wedding? It’s a timeless look that adds a touch of class to the special occasion. For more casual weddings, the groom could also forego either the waistcoat or the suit jacket, for a more relaxed look.

Waistcoat – Are you going to go for a contrasting colour and texture of waistcoat, or one to match the suit jacket? A heavily patterned waistcoat is also a great way of showing contrast with the wedding suit, whilst injecting a little extra fun into the groom’s look.

Tailoring – Get a suit specially tailored to fit if possible; it makes such a difference to how the suit looks when worn. One thing to bear in mind is you want to be wearing the suit, not the suit wearing you.

Depending on your own personal style, there are a variety of accessory options to help complete your wedding day attire. Choose between a tie, cravat, bowtie or even no tie! This can be decided based on the time of year your wedding is, but also the theme of your day. Not wearing a tie could work for a relaxed summer wedding, for example.
Cufflinks are a great way of adding something personal to your look, or even just something fun. Some of our favourites are Pac-man cufflinks, as well as Steampunk style cufflinks for fans of this theme. If you’re a fan of Star Trek, you can even get cufflinks with the Starship Enterprise on! And petrolheads can get cufflinks with a functional gear shift as part of the design!

For casual weddings, grooms can opt to wear converse to add a little personality. For more formal affairs, you can’t go wrong with a brogue. A particular favourite of ours is the Loake brand. Made in England and designed to last for years, your wedding shoes could be an investment that you’ll get a return from for years to come.

The perfect opportunity to show off your personality. Some couples match the buttonholes to the floral theme, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Grooms opt for quirky buttonholes like Lego characters or even paper flowers featuring their favourite books. If it’s something that shows off your personality a little more, go for it.

Top Tip
Think about the time of year you’ll be getting married in and choose a suit accordingly. Don’t go for a fabric that’s not breathable if you’re getting hitched in the height of Summer. Similarly, be sure to choose a heavier fabric for all those outdoor photos at your Winter wedding.

Trends to Watch out for
Slim-fit suits are still as popular as ever and show no sign of waning; getting a suit that’s perfectly tailored but still comfortable to wear is a winning combination!
Double-Breasted Waistcoats are an emerging trend but one to keep an eye on. We’re expecting more grooms to choose double-breasted waistcoats for their wedding day, in a nod to 1920’s style.

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