All Things Bright, Bold & Beautiful
All Things Bright, Bold & Beautiful
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Wedding Couples over the next few years are totally throwing the rule book out of the window with their wedding style. Enter: Bold and Brights!

The possibilities are endless with a bright wedding colour palette, from burnt oranges to bright yellows, and deep reds, this is your cue to go colour mad!

Bold in Cakes

Combine oranges and reds in painted on brushstrokes to decorate a white wedding cake. Finish this off with big bright blooms adorning the top and accented on the edges. With the bold colours set against a white backdrop, your wedding cake will really pop.

Coloured Smoke instead of confetti

Gather your guests in a line on both sides and let the colour cannons rip! Choose a range of colours to hand out to your guests and watch as the different hues float into the air, creating the perfect colourful photo opportunity.

Bright Blooms

Either stick with a few colours or choose the entire rainbow for your bridal bouquet. Violets, greens and yellows match well with a pop of burnt orange thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t have to stop at your bouquet either; a bright floral table garland will create bold drama on your top table.

Multi-coloured Pastel Paradise

All out bright a little too much for you? Opt for pastel versions of your favourites for a muted, yet still bold colour scheme. A pastel range of shades look beautiful as chair covers.  

Vintage Bright Glassware

We’re seeing these everywhere in weddings. Coloured glasses in deep blues, yellows, purples and greens add a wonderful touch of whimsy to the wedding table.

Deck out your bridesmaids

Let your bridesmaids choose their own colour. Who says they have to match? You could choose two styles, and depending on how many bridesmaids you have, go through the colour wheel for a beautiful bride tribe. Your wedding photos will look gorgeous.

Alternative Wedding Dress

This may seem crazy but why not have a colourful wedding dress? Go for an emerald, green gown or a deep crimson; you really can have whatever you want colour wise; it’s your wedding day after all.

Dye your hair different colours

You may already be rocking a bright hair do and so the allure of changing your hair colour definitely appeals. The main thing to remember here is to go with what you’re comfortable with. And if you have a natural hair colour, you could always add a pop of colour in the form of clip in extensions.

Grab the patterned plates

Bold doesn’t have to just mean all the colours; it can mean crazy patterns too. Seek out patterned table ware for your wedding, helping create a quirky Alice in Wonderland aesthetic.

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