Lockdown Weddings: 4th Time Lucky?

It’s never good when you have to postpone your wedding, and we’ve seen a lot of this during the pandemic. However, today’s story is even more extreme and got a lot of news coverage for it.

Joanna & Jonny live in Huncote, Leicestershire, and have been together for 7 years. Their wedding plans have been plagued by bad luck from the very beginning.

Read on for Joanna & Jonny’s wedding nightmare…

‘The story was covered by Radio Leicester, BBC Midlands regional news, the Leicester mercury & Leicestershire online. We were approached by Womens own and This Morning also for the story and made it to the tabloids; The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror ……

We are going for 4th time Lucky!

Wedding 1 was booked for Las Vegas, then I got diagnosed with breast cancer

Wedding 2 was re-booked for Las Vegas but was with Thomas Cook. (which then went into administration and collapsed as a company) It took us almost a year to get our money back.

Wedding 3 was in the Dominican Republic for 28th May this year but Covid19 stopped that one.

Wedding 4 is planned in for 11th Feb 2021 in the Dominican Republic again …. fingers crossed’

The couple are determined to have their special day and Joanna is currently at home self-isolating and continuing with her chemotherapy treatment.

We’ve still got smiles on our faces. We’re staying upbeat because when you’re dealing with cancer, it’s all irrelevant. We just want to have a nice celebration when this is over. We did have a day where we considered whether or not it was all worth it, but we know more than ever that this is what we want. It’s made us stronger. I just want to get that wedding dress on and get down the aisle. I’ve waited 45 years for this, and I’m going to make sure it happens.’

We couldn’t believe it when we heard this story, so from all of us at I Do Magazine, we sincerely wish you all the best for wedding number 4, and are sending you happy and lucky vibes. We will be keeping in touch with the couple, and hope to feature their wedding when they do finally tie the knot!

If you’d like your wedding story featured on the I Do Blog, please email info@ido-magazine.co.uk and title your email ‘My Wedding Story’. We’d really love to hear from you.


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