Calling all Bridesmaids – What’s your Style?
Calling all Bridesmaids – What’s your Style?
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So you’ve chosen your bridesmaids and everyone’s excited to be a special part of your wedding day. The next step is what are they going to wear?

Together with the experts at Mon Amie Bridesmaid in Worksop, we’ve put together some style ideas for bridesmaids of all shapes, sizes and ages.

It’s important to note that whatever the bridesmaid is happy and comfortable in is always the main focus. We’re not telling you your bridesmaids have to only wear a certain style based on their shape or age; it’s just a few tips to help make choosing a little easier.

Choice of Fabric

The choice of fabric can really impact how a gown falls and drapes across the body, so think about this if you have bridesmaids who are body conscious. Chiffon, satin and velvet fabrics all hang differently. Satin clings to the body to skim off the natural curves, chiffon is a lightweight fabric that gently drapes and is freer flowing, whereas velvet is a heavier fabric that drapes and folds and adds more drama to a gown.

Mix & Match

Having a mix of dress styles in the same colour to suit the shape of each bridesmaid is a win win situation. Bridesmaids can choose a preferred neckline and whether to have arms covered or opt for one shoulder, whilst all still matching with the same colour gown.

Kat says, This is definitely a trend we are seeing with more brides wanting to offer freedom of choice for their bridesmaids to make sure that they are comfortable in what they are wearing. It is very rare we come across a bride who makes their maids wear one dress with no arguments. Sometimes, though, it can end up that all the bridesmaids love the same style anyway. But the fact that brides are more willing to have different is really nice to see.’


The choice of neckline in a bridesmaid gown can determine how comfortable the bridesmaid is on your wedding day.  Bridesmaids with a more generous bust for example, may not want a low-cut sweetheart neckline, but rather opt for a scoop neckline so they feel more comfortable and secure. Similarly, younger bridesmaids may opt for a Bardot style neckline or thin straps to fit with modern trends, whilst bridesmaids with a smaller bust and also older bridesmaids may prefer a halter neckline which sits higher.

Colour Palette

If you have bridesmaids of varying skin tones, it’s important to think carefully about colour. Rather than opting for the same exact colour for everyone, why not mix it up a bit and opt for varying shades of a colour palette. That way, every bridesmaid gets to look and feel their best and still fit with your theme.

Kat says, We are also finding that more brides are going for different colours sometimes with the same style, sometimes different ones. There are literally no rules anymore!’

Gown Length

Gown length plays an important part in shopping for a bridesmaid dress. Floor skimming gowns are a classic, however on shorter bridesmaids may look a little enveloping. A skater style dress with a knee length skirt works great in the summer months and on bridesmaids that may want a more flattering style to cover any stomach areas they’re conscious of. Bridesmaids wanting a more elegant look could choose a tea-length dress; this length also works for older bridesmaids wanting a length more suited to their age. Nieve Couture also stocks high-low bridesmaid gowns which create a real statement on the wearer.

Dress or Jumpsuit

You may have bridesmaids that are just not comfortable wearing a dress. Thankfully, many designers now stock jumpsuits for this very reason. Jumpsuits look fantastic on a range of shapes and heights and can create a dramatic look for whoever wears them.

Having varying gowns and jumpsuits in your bridesmaids is a good way of mixing it up whilst ensuring everyone is happy and feels their best on your wedding day.

Article put together with the help of Kat & Bridie from Mon Amie Bridesmaid in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Find them on page 28 of the current issue of I Do Magazine.

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