Dressed to Impress
Dressed to Impress
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With Grooms wear attire, there’s an ever-growing range of options to both suit and boot up. Here are some popular trends when it comes to what to wear on your wedding day.

Fitted 3-piece Suit

The natural choice for most grooms is a fitted 3-piece wedding suit. Make sure it fits the body well to create maximum effect for your wedding day look. A visit to a formal wear shop will have staff that can help create a suave tailored look that fits with the groom’s style and thee of your wedding.

Morning Suits & Tailcoats

For fans of tradition, choosing a morning suit and tails is the hot ticket! It’s the groom’s chance to step up their formalwear game and rock the old school look.


Always a firm favourite and particularly popular for weddings taking place in the cooler Autumn and Winter months. Tweed suits also lend themselves well to weddings in the country and grooms can choose whether to go for a check tweed or a plain look.

Summer shorts, shirt and braces

Perfect for Grooms marrying aboard or in the Summer, a smart casual shorts and short sleeve shirt look is a winner every time. This look also works for Boho style weddings with a relaxed vibe. The addition of braces makes the look more formal with a touch of fun.

Mismatched suits

Opt for a mismatched suit with a contrasting waistcoat to the suit jacket and trousers. It makes for a statement look and you can still match without matching all in one if that makes sense.

Final Touches

Add a touch of your personality with buttonholes, handkerchiefs, socks, ties, shoes and cufflinks. If converse is your style, add it to your groom aesthetic.

Go Black

Black is in for 2023 weddings, so it’s here where the Hollywood glamour of a black tailored suit shines. Grooms are loving the black-tie look as it’s totally timeless and goes well with most wedding themes.  For an elegant Hollywood inspired wedding aesthetic, a black suit is the way to go.

Velvet Accents

Rather than an all-out velvet wedding suit, grooms can take inspiration and opt for a velvet bowtie, tie or suit jacket to add an element of vintage class to their wedding day. Velvet is a firm favourite of Winter weddings as it works well with the cooler aesthetic.

Hire or Buy?

This is something important to consider. Are you a groom who is likely to wear a suit often or will your wedding suit be a one-time deal? Do you have lots of groomsmen in your wedding party? Hiring instead of buying is more-cost effective. Especially if there’s more than just the groom to consider. It can also give grooms the chance to go for something they wouldn’t ordinarily choose if they were buying a suit to keep. However, if you’re likely to wear the suit again, purchasing is the best option; you can always change up your suit with different shirts and ties to update your look

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