Drinks ideas for your Wedding Reception
Drinks ideas for your Wedding Reception
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If you could have any drink at your wedding, what would it be?

Mine would be a Tequila Sunrise, because it reminds me of sunshiney holidays. Either that, or spiced rum, because me and my husband have a shared love for it. And we like to pretend we’re pirates!

Weddings nowadays have a range of tipples to choose from to get the party started. So here are just a few ideas to get you on your merry way!

Always a winner and so popular, mobile gin bars are sweeping the nation. And with so many flavours on offer, you can create a cocktail that even a gin hater might enjoy!

We’re seeing a lot of converted horse-box prosecco bars at our shows that wedding guests just love. Something clear and sparkling is always a winner to toast your new marriage.

Craft Ale
If you’re a micro-brewery fan, you’ll love this. Craft Ale has many different varieties from all over the world, so take your guests’ tastebuds on a journey through artisan ales and beers.

His and Hers Cocktails

Add some personality into your wedding day and create a bespoke cocktail for both you and your partner. This way, you can share what you both like with your guests!

Non-Alcoholic options

Also, make sure you have a non-alcoholic option for children and non-drinking guests. Things like milkshake bars, smoothie vans and even artisanal coffee trucks are all great alternatives for the non-drinker. You could even have a mocktail station where your wedding guests can create their own!

Whatever you choose for your wedding day tipple, make sure it’s something you enjoy and can toast your newlywed status to!

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