Fab Wedding Gift Ideas You’ll Love
Fab Wedding Gift Ideas You’ll Love
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We love a good wedding here at I Do, and sometimes we find ourselves being invited to several in one year. A good excuse to buy a new outfit I say!

But when there are so many weddings to plan for, what do you get the happy couple as a gift?

Gone are the days where you’d buy household appliances to fill a new home with. Many couples today are already living together and have everything they need (no need to pick up a blender then), so it can be quite difficult to know what to buy.
But never fear, we’ve put together a handy little gift guide to help you on your way.

1. Garden Planters
Are the happy couple the gardening type? Get them a lovely pot for their garden, and maybe pair it with some seeds so they have a gift that they can remember their wedding day with, and with a little nurturing,can have a wonderful garden plant.

2. Suitcase and Luggage tags
If the couple have a honeymoon planned, they’re gonna need suitcases! Add some personalised luggage tags for a special touch.

3. Wine of the month subscription
Let the married couple travel the world with their tastebuds with a wine of the month club subscription.

4. Money
This may seem like a cop out but money is actually a preferred gift of couples today. Just think, they spend all that money on planning a wedding and organising a honeymoon, so a bit of spending money to send them on their merry way is something they will probably really appreciate.

5.Weekend Country Getaway
A lovely experience gift, there a tonnes of country getaways available from companies like Virgin Experience Days, Not On The High Street and Buy A Gift.

6. Personalised Cheese Board
If your friend getting hitched is a cheese lover, they may already have a cheese board, but a personalised one with their wedding date is an extra special.

7. Champagne in personalised wooden gift box
What better way than to toast the happy couple than by gifting them a uniquely presented bottle of champagne.

8. Activity Experience
How about a Hot air Balloon ride, or Skydiving experience for your wedding gift? If the couple are physically active and enjoy trying new things, gift them an experience that they can really get involved in.

9. Personalised Treasured Location Print
We love this idea. Is there a place that the married pair really love? Get it personalised on a map with their wedding date and see their faces light up with happiness at such a thoughtful gift.

10. Personalised wedding song Papercut
This is a lovely idea; you’d have to find out what the couple’s first dance song is beforehand, but as a gift, this is a real treasure.

11. Cooking Experience
Are the couple getting married a foodie couple? Then they’ll love this. Get them a cooking experience voucher where they can learn how to cook something they’ve never tried before.

12. Photo Album
If the person getting married is a close friend or family member, chances are you’ll have lots of photos of them. Why not make use of these and make a photo album dedicated to the couple? It’s something different and shows care has gone into creating it.

13. Three Month Gourmet Coffee Subscription

For coffee lovers, this is a great one. The couple get to try out different coffee blends, and if you’re visiting for a cuppa, you also get to try too! Here’s one we found from Not On The High Street.

14. Personalised Beach Towels
Send the couple on their merry way with a pair of beach towels with their names on. There will be no mistaking they’re on their honeymoon with these lovelies.

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