23 Fabulous Entertainment Ideas to Treat your Wedding Guests
23 Fabulous Entertainment Ideas to Treat your Wedding Guests
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We love seeking out new wedding entertainment ideas for wedding receptions as couples are always looking for unique and quirky to up their entertainment game.

So we’ve looked for what’s hot with wedding entertainment and have compiled a list of our top faves.
You’ll find the usual in here but there’s a definite smattering of something different to get you excited for your own wedding entertainment.


Face Paint station
Not just for the kids,we’re seeing lots of adults sporting glitter face paint and even feathers at weddings. Anything to add a little more fun to a wedding is a great idea.

Fingerprint Guest Book
Have a tree designed on a large piece of card in a prominent place at your wedding and let your guests add their fingerprint to the tree. Kids will also love this; any excuse to get covered in paint!

Casino Hire
Having a casino themed wedding Las Vegas style? Let your guests play roulette or black jack and watch as they place their bets and win or lose! 

Caricature your guests
This works as entertainment and also as a wedding favours that guests can take home after the wedding.

Photo booth/ Photo mirror
Change up your photobooth experience by hiring a mirror instead. They take up less room and look super swish with some having lights around them and your very own VIP red carpet walk up. Most photobooth companies have magic mirrors now, but Diamond Photobooth offer a great experience and are an award-winning trusted company we’re happy to recommend.

Fairground Games
Try the Ring Toss, Hook A Duck or have your guests go Sack Racing for a prize.This is a particularly good idea for a Summer Wedding and will get your guests’ blood pumping as they try to win!

Pimp your Prosecco bar
If you haven’t heard of Pop A Ball, where have you been? They provide shimmers and little flavour bubbles that you can add to any drink, but in particular, Prosecco. Create your own Pimp your prosecco bar, where guests can add their own choice of berries and Pop A Ball bubbles or shimmers to create their own sparkly glass of fizz.

Wedding DJ
Always a staple at a wedding;a DJ is important because they help set the mood of your evening reception. MDG Entertainment is a Yorkshire based Wedding DJ with tonnes of experience in creating the perfect playlist for your wedding day.

Fire Breathers
Hire a professional fire breather for the big day and watch your guests ‘ooo’ and ‘aahhh’ as they watch the action.

Circus Performers
In a similar vein to fire breathers, circus performers are a great idea if you’re looking to WOW your wedding guests. Hire stilt-walkers to wander round your reception and have photo ops with your guests.

Get Classical
Sometimes only a violin or harp will do, because there’s not much else that sounds as serene and that creates as romantic an atmosphere as a classical instrument. If it’s a violinist you’re after, check out Alexandra the Violinist. Don’t be fooled by the violin; she can play all the chart toppers too. Want some Ed Sheeran? No Problem!

Treasure Hunt
Design your very own treasure hunt and send your guests off on their merry way! you could even theme it around important events or memories you and your partner have to see who’s really been listening!

Mobile Gin Bar
For the gin lovers, a mobile gin bar will keep those who love a gin tipple entertained all evening. South Yorkshire based Ghandis can provide a mobile trailer bar with a selection of gins and can even create Mr and Mrs themed cocktails for you and your guests!

Fireworks Show
Round off the evening with an outdoor fireworks show. It’ll be a great way to go out with a bang!

Balloon Creations
Not just for birthday parties;hire a Balloon Artist who can gift balloon flowers to your guests, or animals for the children. These work great as favour ideas too.

Add some Magic!
Get a little extra magic with a magician for your wedding entertainment. It’ll keep your guests guessing with what’s gonna happen next. A little mystery is always a good thing!

Wedding Quiz about the Happy Couple
This could go either way;guests could relish the fact that they know the happy Couple best, or there could be a few individuals who take a Wedding quiz too seriously,there’s always one!

Singing Waiters
We love this idea! Just imagine the looks on your guests’s faces as the waiters who bring their drinks suddenly burst into song and get the party started! There are a few singing waiters out there but we recommend The Undercover Waiters and they are fantastic at what they do. Just visit them at an I Do Wedding Exhibition to see them perform!

Hire a Fortune Teller
Watch as your guests have their palms read by a fortune teller; hope your fortune will be a good one!

Huge Outdoor Wedding Games
Connect Four and Jenga are firm favourites here. Everything’s better made bigger, and Outdoor wedding games will help break the ice at your wedding reception. If the weather’s good, even better!

Live Wedding bands
Sometimes only a live wedding band can create that atmosphere that’s just perfect, especially for your first dance. The best part is most wedding bands have a huge repertoire, so chances are they can play your preferred style of music.

Pet a Llama
This sounds totally random but it’s an actual thing! Some couples love the idea of hiring llamas for a few hours so they can pose for wedding photos with them. Crazy unique!

Ice Cream Bar
I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! Ideal for Summer weddings and kids will love these, as well as adults too. Have a ‘Make your own Sundae’ bar, or even better, hire an Ice Cream cart and have someone bringing sweet icy treats to your guests all day. Mine’s a Mint choc chip in a waffle cone please!

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