Hen/Stag party Ideas
Hen/Stag party Ideas
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It’s time to plan the hen/stag party, and your maid of honour/best man doesn’t know where to start. Luckily for you, I Do have it covered! We’ve rounded up some top stag and hen activities for you and your party.

‘It’s a Knockout’/The hen-limpics

Brilliant for the competitive types, hen and stag parties are centering round ‘It’s a Knockout’ style parties, perfect to get the adrenaline pumping and put your skills against your mates.


We couldn’t write about stag and hen party activities without this one. Paintballing is still high up the list for what stag and hens are opting for and let’s face it, everyone lobes to take a cheap shot when their mate’s not looking. Protect your unmentionables!

Creative Workshops

These are always a popular choice with both stags and hens. Creative workshops, such as mixology classes to make cocktails, sushi making classes and even pizza making are all top of the list for getting your hands dirty, and getting something to eat/drink at the end of it!

Outdoor activities

For the explorer type, anything that involves getting outside in the fresh air is always going to be a winner. Go climbing or abseiling with your hen/stag party, or try canoeing or kayaking for a real adrenaline rush from Parson House Outdoor Pursuits Centre.

Brewery Tour

A brewery tour can be paired with a trip away, such as visiting the Guinness Brewery in Dublin and learning how to pour the perfect pint! Or go even further afield with a brewery tour in Berlin or Prague!

Party Bus

A party bus is a firm favourite among both stags and hens and brings the party right to your doorstep Pair this with a UK city break to Newcastle, Liverpool or Brighton and see the sights at the same time!

Having a ‘mixed’ celebration

We’re seeing a huge increase in mixed stag and hen parties, with more and more couples opting to have a shared celebration with everyone together. These days, the happy couple tend to have more of a shared friend group, which makes a mixed celebration a no-brainer,

Couples are opting for getaways altogether to places like Amsterdam or Marbella, with other couples choosing Bride VS Groom days where they’re pitted against each other in activities like paintballing or assault courses for adrenaline-fuelled fun!

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