How to Quickly Create Your Own Facebook Profile (for Business Page use)
How to Quickly Create Your Own Facebook Profile (for Business Page use)
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If you’d like to set up a Facebook Business page, you first need to set up a Facebook profile.

This is because your business page needs to have a page admin to manage the account and that would need to be your personal Facebook account.

In this post, I won’t go into detail about adding photos and putting details about your personal About Me section or anything like that. So if you want that sort of thing, go to the Facebook help centre and that should be able to guide you through the complete process.

Here are some quick steps to get your Facebook profile set up, just for the purpose of being able to create a business page from it.

  1. Follow this link to get you to the setup page.
  2. Create your Facebook profile by filling out your details.


3.Click Create an Account. You will then see this page here:


This is your home page, where you can add any personal details to your profile should you wish. However, for the purpose of just setting up a profile to allow you to create a Facebook business page, your account is now created and you’re ready to move onto the next step.

4. You should receive a confirmation email asking to confirm your Facebook account details, along with a code to enter before you can go any further. Click to confirm and your account is now ready to go!

confirmfbaccount copy

5. See the top right of your home page? Click on the little drop down arrow that you see and click Create Page.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 09.41.41

Now you’re ready to move onto my post about how to create your own Facebook Business Page.

Good luck!

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