How to successfully run a Facebook Competition
How to successfully run a Facebook Competition
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So, you want to boost followers on your Facebook business page and have decided that a competition might create a bit of interest.

If, however, you’re completely in the dark about how to use Facebook for Business and need to set up your own business page first, click here for a step by step post.

Before you start your competition, you should think of the prize that your followers are going to win. Make sure it’s something that will create enough interest for them to want to enter and not pass your competition by without a second look.

Creating a Facebook competition is easy. All you need to do is publish a post on your timeline.


We ran a competition to win a VIP Shopping Experience that generated a tonne of interest.


Your Timeline competition should be something really simple, such as:

‘LIKE this post for a chance to win 2 FREE tickets to our I Do Wedding Exhibition at Ice Sheffield on 4th September.’

Or you could make people work a little harder:

‘For the chance to win 2 FREE tickets to the I Do Wedding Exhibition at Ice Sheffield on 4th September, LIKE this post and COMMENT with why you think you deserve to win.’

To make it even more fun and involving, you could also get your audience to post photos as entry to your competition.

‘For the chance to win a VIP Shopping Experience at our Ice Sheffield Wedding Exhibition, post your best ‘in love’ photo in the comments. Make sure you get permission from whoever is in the photo first!’

Or you could get your followers to think a little harder and ask them a trivia question. You could even relate this to your business to see if they’ve been paying attention!

‘How many Wedding Exhibitions do I Do magazine host each year?’

This is a great idea because your followers may click on your website to find out the answer, generating you more page views and potential business.

Another great idea is to create a photo specifically for your contest. It doesn’t take long and is more likely to get entrants than a post without an image for people to click on. Here’s one we used for one of our competitions recently.


Keep your status update as short as possible but make sure you mention the competition rules and also when the competition ends, so your followers know when their comments will count and how long they have left to enter.


Also be sure to include in your rules that your competition is in no way endorsed by Facebook. This should ensure you don’t get slapped with the naughty stick and have your competition taken down!

Good practice is also to like your own competition status when posted and add the first comment too. You could add the rules in the comments to keep the status extra short.

Picking a winner for your competition can be made much easier than having to scroll through the likes and comments to make sure every entrant has done both. Use a website like Fanpage Karma, enter the URL of your competition into the box and they will automatically choose your winner for you.


This makes sure that the winner has genuinely been picked at random by an automated service and no fixing has occurred. Or you could count how many people have entered and pick a number at random, then count down the list and that’s your winner! This is easier if you don’t have hundreds of entrants.

All you need to do then is notify your winner, either in the comments of the competition, via private message to them or by a new status update asking them to get in touch and that’s your first successful competition under your belt!

Hopefully this post has helped you get a good idea of how to create and publish your own Facebook competition.

If you’ve run a Facebook competition recently, let us know how it went in the comments!

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