Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out
Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out
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In this post, I will delve a little deeper into some of the options you can use on your Facebook business page to improve your online presence and hopefully, gain you some new likes and potential customers too.

If you don’t have a Facebook Business page yet, click here for full instructions on how to create one.

So, on your Facebook Business page,  there are lots of tools you can use to better utilise its potential. Here are some of the tools you can fully utilise to better advertise your business on the social media site.

1.    Upload a Cover Image from your PC or whichever device you’re using. You can move the image around to get the best angle for your page cover. Save your cover image.

2.    Click on the About tab to the left hand side of your page. Here you can add extra business details, such as opening hours and price range. Whilst on the About tab, Click on Page Info to edit any of your business details. You should also create a username for your page to help others find you easily. Try to pick something close to your actual business name to give people a fighting chance of finding you.

3.    Add Photos. Photos speak louder than words, so fill your business page with relevant imagery to showcase your products and services to the public. If your business sells a variety of things, be sure to create separate albums for these. Just click on the Photos tab to the left of your page, click create an album and upload the relevant photos to that folder.


You can also add descriptions underneath each photo to go into more detail.

4.    Post Reviews. If you already have reviews on your website, you can copy these across to the reviews tab on your Facebook page (it’s just below the About Section to the left hand side of your page) As your page gets more popular on Facebook, your customers will start to post their own reviews about your services. These are brilliant because they’re a first hand account of what your services are like.


5. Invite people to like your page. On the Likes tab, especially if you’re a small business starting out, you can invite your friends to like your page. This is a good place to start and also if you have any past or current customers, you could encourage them to visit your page and leave a like and a review too.

likes copy

6. Post relevant content often. Don’t just set up a Facebook page and then leave it to rot in the darkest corners of the internet. Use it daily and advertise yourself to the world. See it as an extension of your shop front.Here’s one of our recent posts as an example.

relevant content

7. Add a Call to Action. That blue box that says Add A Button? Click on it.


This will open up a box to choose your call to action.


You can select anything for your followers to do from this list: buttonchoices

And can link them to your website or your phone number to call. It’s just an extra little reminder of how else they can get in touch.

8. Create an Event. Do you have an event happening soon? Such as a Wedding Fayre or Club Night? On your business page, underneath your cover image, click more and then Create an Event. You can add all the details of the event in the form that will then appear.


This is another good way of advertise your business to the public and you can also point people to your website if there are any tickets they need to download, for example.

Those were just a handful of the ways you can make your Facebook Business page look more professional and better advertise your services to the public too.

If you feel there is anything i should mention here, leave a comment and I’ll look into it and possibly amend the post for future readers.




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