Party Time – Wedding Entertainment Ideas
Party Time – Wedding Entertainment Ideas
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Wedding entertainment can be a make or break situation when it comes to keeping your wedding guests entertained. So we’ve rounded up a few of our top wedding entertainment ideas to make sure your wedding reception is party central!


If you have an outdoor wedding, or even large gardens at a venue, fireworks are wonderful. Not only are they a great photo opportunity, but they also give you and your guests a chance to get cosy with their partners and families, and watch the sky light up.

Circus Acts

These will make sure your wedding entertainment is super memorable. Fire breathers and aerial performers add the shock and awe factor to any wedding and will leave your guests wanting more.

Video Booth

Think ‘Big Brother’ but without the confessions (hopefully). A video booth gives your guests a chance to leave you a video message of well wishes on your wedding day, like a video guest book. The best part about this is you get to watch it all back and see how the videos progress as your guests have more to drink!

Wedding Caricaturist

Not for the easily offended, a caricaturist at your wedding is a great ice-breaker. It also gives your guests a little gift to go home with; whether they decide to frame it or hide it is their choice.


Now in many different forms; the traditional booth, photo mirror and more modern ‘selfie’ style booth, the photobooth is a must of many weddings due to its ease of use and hilarious photo opportunities.


Giant Outdoor games

Crazy golf, Jenga and connect 4 are all big hitters here. Couples want everyone to feel like a kid again and just have some carefree fun at their wedding. It’s not all about getting drunk and embarrassing yourself; giant outdoor games get everyone of all ages involved and are a good laugh too.

Silent Discos

Silent Discos are an emerging trend for weddings and it’s easy to see why. They allow your guests to effectively listen to what they want at your wedding reception with no noise restrictions in force. So you could have chart toppers on your headphones, and your mum can be listening to Motown at the same time! Watching everyone dancing to their own groove is also free entertainment!

Wedding DJ

We couldn’t put these ideas together without the mainstay of any wedding; the DJ. You need music at a wedding and a good DJ can ensure the flow of the evening continues through until the early hours, with all your guests having a blast on the dancefloor.

Go Classical

Hire a violinist, harpist or even a string quartet for your wedding entertainment. Most artists nowadays play modern tracks, to bring all ages of the wedding party together. Have you ever heard Ed Sheeran played on the violin? Check out Alexandra the Violinist at the I Do Wedding Exhibitions if you’re searching for the perfect violinist.

Fun at the Fairground

This works brilliantly with outdoor weddings. Guests can partake in Hook a Duck, Sandbag throw, Coconut shy and many more. Best part is, fairground games have the benefit of nostalgia, so it would be hard for someone not to enjoy them.

Glitter Bar

Popular with the kids, a glitter bar is a fabulous idea to add a little sparkle to your wedding day. This works on beards too; sparkly gold beard anyone?


More one for the grown-ups, a casino at your wedding is a great idea. It breaks the ice and is a great laugh for your wedding guests to beat the odds! Remember, the house always wins in the end!

Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are just blowing up all over the wedding circuit right now; that’s because they are the perfect entertainment for breaking the ice and getting your wedding guests up singing and dancing. The best part is keeping it a secret from your guests, and as the ‘waiters’ arrive to serve your food, then spontaneously break into song, the surprise on your guests’ faces is priceless. The Undercover Waiters are a fantastic option for your entertainment and are available to see at all the I Do Wedding Exhibitions.

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