Seasonal Spring Florals for a Spring Wedding
Seasonal Spring Florals for a Spring Wedding
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Spring is almost upon us!

So it’s a great time to see what Seasonal Spring blooms are out there for your wedding flowers.

We’re not flower experts but we spoke to a florist who is. Judith Rodriguez-Juarez owns Nottingham based Creating Dreams and she knows exactly what works for your Spring wedding.

Judith says, ‘Spring flowers are incredibly diverse and utterly beautiful. The flowers available to couples for their Spring wedding brings a huge selection to choose from. With tones ranging from the softest pastel to the richest hue. 

Featuring Ranunculus, Craspedia (yellow balls), Carnations, David Austin Roses and various filler foliage

‘Flowers such as Tulips give an incredible display of elegance with their stem shape naturally changing and falling into interesting positions. 

Featuring Tulips,Hydrangea, Delphinium, Anemone, David Austin Roses and various filler foliage and flowers

With spring flowers you can have a variety of colours available from the same flower to create a rainbow of colours.‘ 

Featuring Garden Roses, Avalanche Roses, Spray Roses, David Austin Roses, Hydrangea and various filler foliage and flowers

Spring weddings can be designed with fullness and elegance with an array of flowers to create interesting textures brought together which will capture your guests attention.

Featuring Ranunculus, Spray Roses, Avalanche Roses, Cortaderia (feathers) and various filler flowers and foliage.

There are lots of lovely ways you can incorporate Spring florals into your wedding, as you can see in the above photos courtesy of Judith at Creating Dreams.

Spring florals add so much brightness and colour to a wedding. But if your wedding isn’t during Springtime, and you love the pop of bright colour it brings, you don’t have to miss out. Silk Flowers are a good alternative if you’re searching for blooms that are out of season.

Or you could just get married in Spring and enjoy the wonderful springtime scents your fresh wedding blooms will bring. (It’s the best season anyway in our opinion).

For more information on any of the flowers in the photo above, go to Judith’s website at or check out her Facebook page here.

All photos are owned by Judith Rodrigues-Juarez at Creating Dreams.

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