Seasonal Wedding Flowers
Seasonal Wedding Flowers
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Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Choosing your bouquet based on what season you’re getting married is always a great idea!

Seasonal wedding flowers are more cost-effective and the flowers are more likely to be locally sourced, so it’s better for the environment too. Plus they look simply stunning!

bride holding a bouquet with white alstroemeria and white chrysanthemums

Summer Flowers

This season is the most popular for weddings, and is beaming with colour. Summer seasonal wedding flowers include Gardenias, Freesias, Orchids, Cornflowers, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Daisies and Carnations. Opt for a simple and timeless white bouquet with white Roses and Freesias. Alternatively, add a pop of colour with beautiful bright Cornflowers. 

Sunflowers are becoming more and more popular in wedding bouquets and displays. A beautiful and bright alternative to a white bouquet, sunflowers illuminate with happiness. They also bloom in the summer, therefore making them easily attainable throughout the season.

hand holding a bouquet of flowers with pink alstroemerias, daisies, baby's breath and sunflowers

Winter Blooms

You may think Winter is a time for battening down the hatches and hibernating. However, there are some stunning floral blooms that are available at this time of year. Flowers like Anemones, Amaryllis, Chrysanthemums, Gypsophilia, Hellebores, Jasmine, Snowdrops and White Hydrangeas are all in season and make for beautiful wedding florals. 

Not to mention, any of these seasonal wedding flowers paired with deep reds and burgundy adds to that wintery feel. It also brings a bit of colour into this chilly season and Hawthorn berries are a great addition. Also Hawthorne berries and other foliage add volume to the bouquet. They are readily available during the winter, so perfect for keeping the environment in mind.

bouquet of winter seasonal wedding flowers anemones, red and green hydrangeas, red and pink roses, hawthorn berries, and eucalyptus
bouquet of deep red roses, black pearl lily and eucalyptus

Spring Scents

This season brings all the wonderful new scents, colours and flowers after the long and cold winter. Spring’s seasonal wedding flowers such as Daffodils, Tulips, Sweet Peas snd Lily of the Valley are really blooming this season and are perfect for springtime weddings. Additionally Peonies, Iris, and Ranunculus flowers bring a whimsical feeling to your bouquet and is always very pretty.

Spring weddings shine an array of beautiful colours, ranging from the bright yellows of Daffodils, to the pastel pinks of Peonies and Sweet Peas. Couples are choosing a selection of seasonal wedding flowers between either pastel floral mixes, or in contrast going even brighter with their bouquets as the possibilities are endless with the amount of flowers flourishing in the Spring!

a bride holding a bouquet of seasonal wedding flowers including tulips, peonies and ranunculus
Bride holding a bouquet including ranunculus flowers, white carnations and succulents

Autumn Colours

Autumn is such an underrated time to have a wedding. This transitional season reveals a beautiful array of colours from oranges, browns, reds and yellows. You can really get creative with the Autumnal Theme. In this season, flowers include Dahlias, Cascading Amaranthus, Hydrangeas, Amaryllis and Gerberas. The best part about Autumn is you can pair florals with other Autumn staples like pumpkins and squash for amazing centrepieces. 

Seasonal foliage is also such a lovely way to add an autumnal spin on your bouquet. Autumn foliage can be really cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Foliage such as acorns, Sea Holly, a range of berries and dry leaves are available throughout autumn. They can be naturally and locally sourced keeping the planet safer, which is always a nice bonus.

Autumnal bouquet of dahlias, orange chrysanthemums, acorns, and autumn foliage
bride holding autumnal wedding bouquet, including protea pincushion flowers, sea holly, red and orange berries, and autumn foliage

Dried Flowers

Just because you’re choosing your wedding flowers based on the season doesn’t mean you can’t have a nod to dried flowers. They make a unique and delicate alternative to fresh flowers. They’re also not tailored to any particular season therefore they work all year round. Dried flower and foliage include palm fonds, poppy seed heads, pampas grass and bunny tails. If you want the best of both dried and fresh seasonal flowers, they can be integrated together to create an outstanding bouquet.

Choosing dried seasonal wedding flowers means they can last a lot longer than fresh flowers, if you look after them. You can even use the bouquet as home decor after your wedding, creating a really sentimental display. That’s a 2 in 1! They are also sustainable and cost effective, as they don’t as much care and attention as fresh flowers.

dried bouquet of white cotton plants, bunny tails and baby's breath
bride holding a bouquet of dried flowers

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