How to set up a Facebook Business Page
How to set up a Facebook Business Page
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The aim of this post is to make setting up a Facebook business page as simple as possible.

If you own a business and appreciate the value of Facebook, but don’t have the first clue about how to utilise it, here is a handy guide to help debunk Facebook for business and make it work to your advantage.

  • Login to your Facebook profile first (You’ll need an account to create a business page) If you don’t have one, or are unsure of how to set one up, click here for my guide to setting up your own Facebook profile.
  • Click on the drop down arrow on the top right of the page, click create page.
  • Select the type of page you wish to create out of the following:


  • Choose a category that reflects the type of business you’re in.


  • If you’re a wedding venue you could click ‘Hotel’ for instance. Then put some basic information about your business in the boxes provided. Click Get Started.
  • Add a description of your business and a website address if you have one.


  • You can also add category tags to help people find your business easier.
  • Upload a profile photo from your PC or whichever device your using. Use a business logo if you have one.

5.2 photoupload

  • Add your page to your favourites so it’s easier to find when you login.

5.3 addtofves

  • If your page has been created by someone in the past but never been claimed, it will show up here for you to claim ownership. This will stop any unauthorised person from acting as your business unlawfully.

5.4 claimownership

  • Select your preferred audience for your page.

5.5 pageaudience

Here you can select an age range, gender, location and interest that your audience may have to better target your page. Click Save and you will be taken to your page.

Now your page is created, you are the administrator and can control your content and settings.

If you’d like more details on how to add photos and beef up your Facebook Business page, click here.

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