Sustainable Wedding Tips
Sustainable Wedding Tips
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Sustainable weddings are more important than ever, with many couples choosing to make their wedding day totally eco-friendly. Here are a few ideas to make your wedding more sustainable.

Eco-friendly invites

Recycled paper invites are a winner here, or you could go one better and forego the printed invite completely, opting for an electronic version instead. You could also have biodegradable invites with seeds embedded in them, so when you plant them, beautiful flowers will grow.

Locally sourced food

Choose a wedding menu with an emphasis on locally grown produce. Think carefully about your wedding menu; caterers will be able to assist and guide you on the more environmentally friendly food options available.

Recycle your wedding dress

After the big day, repurpose or recycle your wedding dress so it can be used in a different way. Either create a new dress that you can wear again and again, or sell it on so someone else can have the enjoyment of a beautiful wedding gown for their own special day.

British Grown flowers

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing flowers grown here in the UK. Or do one better and opt for potted plant centrepieces where you can; that way, after the wedding they can either be taken home as gifts or planted in the ground.

Offer Car share options

This one can be hard to navigate but throwing out the idea to your guests of car sharing so there’s less vehicular traffic to your wedding is a good way of being more friendly to the environment.

Shop with eco-friendly suppliers

Chat to suppliers to find out how they give back to the environment. Many wedding suppliers nowadays actively look to reduce their carbon foot print so will be eager to tell you how they do it.

Choose charity

Rather than physical gifts, ask your wedding guests to give to charity instead. It’ll give them the warm feeling of knowing they’re supporting a worthy cause that’s close to your heart. It’s an excellent gift that just keeps giving.

Donate/Recycle wedding decor

This is an easy way of thinking more sustainably after your wedding. Gift/repurpose any decor you’ve accumulated so it can be re-used by someone else and given a new lease of life.

Edible Favours

Instead of something that could end up in landfill, such as a plastic based favour, opt for something your guests can eat. Home-made jams and pickles are a wonderful way of saying thank you to your guests whilst minimising the harm on the environment.

Whilst it’s difficult to have a totally eco-friendly wedding, actively taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding is a great way of helping the environment.

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