The Perfect Fabric for your Bridesmaid Dresses

The Perfect Fabric for your Bridesmaid Dresses Why is Fabric Important? We can talk about styles and necklines all day, but what’s often forgotten is the fabric for your bridesmaid dresses. Choice of fabric is usually determined by time of year. If you’re having a summer wedding, it wouldn’t make sense to opt for velvet, unless […]

Calling all Bridesmaids – What’s your Style?

So you’ve chosen your bridesmaids and everyone’s excited to be a special part of your wedding day. The next step is what are they going to wear? Together with the experts at Mon Amie Bridesmaid in Worksop, we’ve put together some style ideas for bridesmaids of all shapes, sizes and ages. It’s important to note […]

Here Come the Girls

Choosing who to have as a bridesmaid can be one of two things; straight forward or tricky depending on family dynamics and friendships. The last thing any bride wants to do is rock the boat or cause offence by appointing some bridesmaids and leaving others out. It’s a tricky situation so tread very carefully. The […]

A guide to bridesmaids

Everyone knows that choosing your bridesmaids can be a difficult part of planning your wedding. You don’t want to upset anyone if they don’t get picked, and you don’t want to have so many bridesmaids that it gets ridiculous. Here’s our Q&A’s to help answer those burning bridesmaid questions. How many bridesmaids should I have?This […]