Bridesmaid Styles for 2021

Choosing your bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be a chore; we’ve put together some style options to help you choose the best gowns for your bride tribe. Mismatched stylesThe best way to have fabulous bridesmaid gowns and keep all your bridesmaids happy is by opting for mismatched dresses. You could go one step further and […]

On Trend Bridesmaid Dresses

We’ve scoured Pinterest and the internet to find out the top colour trends in what bridesmaids are wearing this new wedding season. Pale bluesWe’re seeing this a lot all over the internet lately. Pale and dusty blues are sky rocketing in popularity in both winter weddings and early spring time affairs too. Opt for a […]

Here Come the Girls

Choosing who to have as a bridesmaid can be one of two things; straight forward or tricky depending on family dynamics and friendships. The last thing any bride wants to do is rock the boat or cause offence by appointing some bridesmaids and leaving others out. It’s a tricky situation so tread very carefully. The […]