Your Summer Wedding Menu Sorted
Your Summer Wedding Menu Sorted
Ideas & Inspiration

As Summer is upon us,and we’re obsessed with food here at I Do, we thought we’d do a post all about Summer wedding food! Summer opens up a lot of foodie doors when it comes to catering for your special day.

Fuss free simple food can work wonders at summer weddings and fresh flavours are always a winner! Check out some of these summer food ideas for your own special day.

If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean style of cooking, you’ll love this. Antipasti/ tapas is a great starter for a summer wedding. It gives your guests a taste of sunshine and works well as finger food too. Foods like olives, balsamic tomatoes,feta, sweet chilli prawns and chorizo skewers are all fab ideas for a tapas style feast.

Afternoon Tea
We love afternoon tea and the possibilities are endless with how much you can change it up to suit your own tastes!Greet the guests to your reception with a glass of Pimms filled with fruit and then serve miniature cucumber sandwiches,individual Victoria sponge cakes and of course, a freshly made scone. You’ll just have to fight over which comes first, the cream or the jam!

Barbecue style
For outdoor weddings, a barbecue is a great idea. It’s such a communal way of eating at your wedding and really brings the summer vibes too. We’ve not forgotten the vegetarians here either; corn on the cob is a barbecue staple, along with fresh summer salads and hassleback potatoes. You’ll be able to please everyone. Now,what’s for dessert?

Sushi bar
Love sushi? Then this is perfect! To make your sushi bar more of a feature,hire an expert to craft sushi creations before your very eyes and serve live to your wedding guests.

Caribbean food
This could work well in the barbecue setting and is a great way of theming your summer wedding food. To add to jerk chicken, flavourful rice and peas and coconut cake for dessert, have some Caribbean music playing in the background and create holiday beach vibes with garlands and a summer Caribbean sunrise cocktail, (Vodka, pineapple juice, squeeze of lime and a dash of pink grenadine in case you wanted to know).

Chilled alcoholic drinks station
The cocktail possibilities are endless here. Serve strawberry daiquiris for an icy welcoming treat. For a more Tropical taste,how about pina coladas or sex on the beach cocktails? Adding a cute umbrella and sugar lining the glass will also add to the summery ambience.

Smoothie station

This is a great option for children and also adults who are not drinking on your wedding day. A ‘choose your own’ smoothie bar is a great way to keep the kids entertained and let them choose their own drink, then have it made in front of them!

Fresh fruit platter
When we think of Summer,we think fresh fruit, and what better way to showcase it than on an intricate fresh fruit platter! Strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, mango, grapes, banana, whatever you like, it can be arranged in a beautiful display for your guests to enjoy.

Ice Cream
You can’t have a summer wedding without ice-cream, and there’s always a flavour to suit everyone. Change it up by mixing ice cream with a warm chocolate brownie for a truly delectable dessert.

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