Top Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Drama
Top Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Drama
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It’s never nice to think about all the things that could wrong on your special day, but it’s still a good idea to be fully prepared at the same time. Here are our tips to avoid the worst wedding day dramas.

Keep an eye on the weather
You can’t manipulate the weather. However, if you keep an eye on it in the weeks leading up to your wedding, you can plan extra things to make the big day easier. If you’re having an outside ceremony, liaise with your venue about a Plan B for if it rains, they usually have one. Get a basket of blankets/umbrellas for your guests and plan your wedding photos around bad weather. Many wedding photographers are experts in all-weather shots, and will use any weather to their advantage.

Check, Double check and Triple Check your Guest RSVP’s
There are always guests who say they will be attending your wedding, who then can no longer attend at the last minute for one reason or another. However, to try and minimise dwindling guest numbers, keep checking in with your rsvp’s to see if they’ve booked a hotel, sorted the day off work and booked a babysitter. Send out your save the dates in plenty of time, so people can plan around them accordingly. You’re not going to stop all guests from unforeseen last-minute cancellations, but a constant reminder of your special day might help, after all, you are paying for them to be there.

Have a contact sheet for all your wedding suppliers
And keep in touch with them in the run up to the big day. This way, you’re on the ball with the state of play with wedding cake and flower delivery, transport arrival and just generally more in control of the suppliers you’ve booked and paid for. Sometimes, you can’t avoid a no show, but if you try and book reliable vendors with real trusted reviews, you at least minimise the risk.

Make sure your Wedding Dress/Suit Fits
Try your wedding dress or suit on as close to the big day as possible and have a seamstress on hand if you need to have your gown/suit altered. Your shape could fluctuate a lot in the last weeks before your big day due to stress and other factors, so a planned in last fitting is always a good idea.

Be Clear about Plus Ones and Children
If you have a strict guest list to stick to, with a tight fit on numbers, make it clear on your invites that plus ones are not allowed and also if it’s an adult only affair, make this clear to your guests too. This may affect numbers but at least if you’ve been upfront with people, they’re less likely to turn up on the day with a car full of their whole family that you didn’t account for.

Give clear directions to your venue
Make sure your venue is easy to find, and if it isn’t, give clear concise directions for people to find it, especially if you have guests who aren’t local and don’t exactly know the lay of the land perfectly.

Get Dietary Requirements from your guests
If you have a vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, gluten free, or any other guest with a dietary need or allergy, make sure you have accounted for this before the big day. Choose a veggie option along with a meat one, and if you’re doing it buffet style, try and have several options for your guests too. You will never please every guest as there are lot of seriously picky eaters out there, as well as the usual allergies/ dietary needs you should cater for. However, at the end of the day, if it’s just someone being fussy about what they like/don’t like, leave them to it. They can always go to Mcdonalds after the wedding!

Have an Emergency Bag
And give this to your maid of honour to keep track of. Keep important things like a miniature sewing kit, wipes, tissues, mints and pain killers are all essentials.

The Flower Girl Won’t walk down the aisle
This can depend on the age of your flower girl, or whatever mood she’s woken up in that morning. Don’t expect her to walk down the aisle with no issues. You have to remember, she’s a child and will have a lot of attention on her in a scenario she’s probably not been in before, so the possibility of refusal is high. It’s scary for them.  Have one of her parents on hand to pick her up and carry her down the aisle if this happens. If she’s your daughter, get a trusted relative to help.

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