Understated or all-out Hollywood?
Understated or all-out Hollywood?
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With the return of large-scale weddings, there’s a huge divide in what brides are choosing for their wedding day look. There’s a total contrast with half of brides wanting a more natural understated look, and the other half wanting the total Hollywood glamour aesthetic.

Hollywood Glamour

Cut-crease eye makeup
For a totally dramatic look, Make-up artists are getting more requests for a cut-crease makeup look for brides.

Smoky eye
You can’t go wrong with a smoky eye look; it adds just the right amount of glamour for a daring makeup look.

Dark eyeliner
This adds emphasis to the eye to create a bold look. Add cat-eye flicks for extra drama.

Deep red/burgundy lip look
With more burgundy tones for Winter weddings and crimson red for other seasons, a bold lip is a great way of finishing a glamorous bridal look.

All about the contour
Contour can be your best friend or worst enemy. Best to leave this to the professionals if you don’t want to end up looking like you have a beard in your wedding photos! Done correctly, contour can work wonders for more defined features such as your nose or jawline, so it fits well into the dramatic glamorous look.

Glamorous hair style
Total Hollywood Blowout, or perfectly coiffed low chignons are the way to go for brides who want to add glamour to their look. Picture Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe with their stunning rolled curls styled to perfection.

Complete with accessories
No Hollywood Glamour bridal makeup look can be finished without the addition of big sparkly accessories! Think vintage choker necklaces and chunky earrings dripping with diamonds (or something like!).

Natural Bridal Look

Making use of the brides own natural skin tones, eye makeup is kept natural with different blush tones and nudes to add just a hint of colour. The idea here is to accentuate the bride’s existing features with the help of makeup to make everything a little more glowy and give you your best bridal look.

Natural brow
By this we don’t mean super hairy brows, we mean embracing the natural brow look but styling it a little more. Natural looking brows have been popular in recent years, and brides are opting for this for their wedding day. If you weren’t blessed with thick brows, ask your makeup artist to draw a few in to give you a fuller look.

Relaxed hair style
A natural wavy, loose hair style fits in well with the popular Boho bridal look we’re seeing everywhere. For brides who still want their hair up but look effortless, a few strands of hair pulled loose and framed around the face can work wonders.

Looking flushed with blush
A way to elevate the natural makeup look is to add a touch of blush to give that ‘just finished a run but still look gorgeous’ look. Blush adds colour to the cheeks and gives a warm glow to the face.

Lip colour choice
If you’re wanting to keep it natural but still add a pop of colour, choose a lip colour that’s just a few shades darker than your natural lip. It’ll warm up your look without being too much. You could also go for a lip colour that’s more of a clear gloss than a block colour.

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