Venues – Spoilt for Choice
Venues – Spoilt for Choice
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When it comes to choosing your wedding venue, the possibilities really are endless. A wedding celebration can happen pretty much anywhere if you’re adventurous enough.

Providing you’ve got the legalities sorted with the official marriage license, your wedding reception is your chance to throw a real party at a location of your choice.

And if the traditional venue is more to your liking, that’s ok too.

We’ve compiled a list of wedding venue ideas to help give you inspiration for planning your own wedding day.

Tipi Weddings

Tipi Weddings are so much fun! They can be expensive as you usually have to hire outdoor toilets, a power generator, tables, seating, etc, but with a tepee wedding, you get to tailor the look of your wedding perfectly. They’re super popular and help bring the outdoors inside. Don’t think you’re limited either, tipis can still have light up dancefloors set up inside, with fully stocked bars and heating. It’s just a case of how big you want to go.


Live near a beach? Or do you have a favourite seaside resort that you both love? A beach wedding may be the one for you, with its relaxing ocean sounds and chilled out backdrop. Keep an eye on the weather and have a plan B just in case the heavens open or the winds blow a little too hard.

Hotel Wedding

If you just want everything sorted and organised so you don’t have to worry about a thing, a hotel wedding is a great option. Most hotels have an onsite wedding coordinator who can take care of everything from the flowers, to the DJ, leaving you more time to relax and less time to stress.  It’s worth bearing in mind that with a hotel wedding, there are sometimes restrictions depending on the venue. So if you’re wanting fire dancers, or even your own outside catering for example, check with the hotel first if it’s allowed, or maybe look at some of the other venues in this list.

City/ Town Hall

For those who want a quick ceremony to get onto the all-important celebrations afterwards, a town hall wedding works perfectly. Usually lasting less than 30 minutes, depending on where you live, your local registry office might actually be situated in a stunning building, like the one at Sheffield Town Hall. So you still get the benefit of a beautiful location without all that waiting around.

Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is a wonderful idea if the weather is just right. Many venues have outdoor spaces for ceremonies now, so you could still get married outside and have a hotel wedding. Alternatively, find a field or wooded area, make sure you’re allowed to use it and create your wedding paradise. Woods work great for Boho style weddings, while open fields provide a blank canvas to design your wedding exactly how you’d like it. Outdoor weddings also make it easier for fireworks and street food vans as they’re more outdoor friendly.

Farm/ Barn

Couples opting for a more relaxed vibe to their wedding day might like a barn/farm wedding venue. Offering up a rustic backdrop, these types of venues are popular among couples wanting to get off the beaten track for their wedding day. Be mindful though, as farms/ barns are not usually geared up for weddings, so you may need to hire things like heating and portable toilets. Also, make sure the directions to your farm/barn venue are clear. You don’t want your guests getting lost on the way!

Historic Manor House/ Stateley Home

Enjoy the history and grandeur of a historic manor house or stately home for your wedding day. These types of venues are usually spectacularly beautiful to look at, and definitely need to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated. There’s something about walking into a really old, intricately furnished stately home that sets them apart from other venues. The architecture tends to be awe-inspiring. If you’re a history buff, you could spend hours delving into the past of these venues to find out all the weird and wonderful things. Or you could just book one for your wedding day, and indulge in its historic splendour.

Religious Venues

For couples wanting a more traditional, religious wedding, a place of worship is usually the top choice. The ceremony will usually happen at a church or mosque, for example, and then guests will travel to a reception venue. Again, make sure the directions from A to B are clear; you want to make sure everyone arrives on time.  Religious venues also lend themselves well to romantic wedding photos, as their backdrop and surroundings are usually beautiful and dramatic.

Brewery/ Vineyard

If you’re thinking of a more unique venue, how about a craft brewery or vineyard for your special day? You can take advantage of supporting a small independent business, whilst enjoying the unique backdrop that these venues provide. Vineyards in particular have stunning outdoor areas where the grapevines are growing, making for amazing wedding photos. Plus, you already have your alcohol for the wedding sorted!

Family Garden

Having your wedding in a family member’s garden is great because it’s much cheaper than booking a venue, and chances are you’ll feel much more relaxed being somewhere that’s familiar. So if you have any family members with large gardens, get in touch with them and get that wedding planned in.


How romantic would it be to have your wedding reception in the same place you had your first date? If you and your partner both have a love of a certain restaurant and if food is a big part of your lives, then a restaurant reception is perfect.


Fancy a yacht wedding? Better yet, how about a yacht wedding abroad courtesy of Exclusive Yacht Weddings in Cyprus. Marrying aboard a yacht in the middle of the sparkling sea in the sunshine sounds like heaven, and it is. It also makes for great photos, and you can have your honeymoon straight after too.


Throw caution to the wind and elope into the night with your beloved for a secret wedding. Seriously though, if you’re the type of couple who hates the big ceremony and large expense of a wedding, an elopement is a great idea. You can always have a big reception at one of the venues mentioned above when you return as a married couple.

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