Wedding Cakes – What’s your Favourite?
Wedding Cakes – What’s your Favourite?
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Wedding cakes are always a hot topic; which flavour, what style, how many tiers? With so many wedding cake ideas out there, here are our top picks for wedding cakes to keep your appetite satisfied.

Semi naked

Semi naked cakes go with every wedding theme, and you can dress them up to fit more with your wedding aesthetic. Many couples are loving a return to the rustic style of a semi-naked cake, where they can add personalised cake toppers or accessories to create that final flourish.

Bigger is better

Now weddings are back in full swing, many couples are making the most of them and having their massive cake and eating it too. We’re seeing a huge increase in large wedding cakes being requested, with all the bells and whistles attached.


There’s been a resurgence in themed cakes including Marvel, Lego, Football Teams, etc. So if you’ve got a theme pinned down, why not extend it to your wedding cake? It’s one the easiest ways to show off your personalities and favourite hobbies, so why not go all out!

All the Brights

Couples are making the most of the bright colour palette and opting for more yellows and oranges in their wedding cakes. Not just for Spring or Summer but also great if you’re a fan of the bright sunshine hues that this colour palette brings with it. We’re seeing them paired with dried citrus fruits for a fabulously fruity finish.

Purple tones

With purple (or its exact name, Very Peri) being crowned the 2022 Pantone colour of the year, this was to be expected. There are a lot of purple toned cakes being requested and we can see why. From ombre effects featuring white to purple, to all out purple affairs, this colour is one to watch.

Pressed Flowers

Perfect for Boho and relaxed weddings, wedding cakes featuring pressed flowers look totally effortless. Couples can pair delicate flowers and greenery against a white cake background to create a striking effect and make use of the natural floral beauty.

Gluten Free & Vegan

According to Cake Expert Steven Newbatt of West Yorkshire based The Candied Peel Cake Co, requests for Gluten free and Vegan wedding cakes have had a significant increase. With guests who can’t tolerate gluten and more people going vegan and becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, it’s no surprise that Gluten free and Vegan cakes are becoming the norm. Don’t be scared to ask for gluten free or vegan if that’s what you want; it’s your wedding after all.

One for tradition – The traditional white wedding cake never goes out of style, so there’s always a place for it in our wedding cake ideas. Dress yours up with ribbon that fits the colour scheme of your wedding day or a cake topper to add a personal touch.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

If you’re not a fan or the typical wedding cake, swap it out totally for something more to your taste. Pork Pie cakes and stacked cheese wheels are a firm favourite. You could even have a tower of doughnuts or why not opt for tiered wedding cheesecakes instead? Couples are aiming to truly personalise their wedding this season and if they want a profiterole tower instead of the traditional wedding cake, then they’re having it.

Article put together with the help of expert cake maker The Candied Peel Cake Co. Find them on page 36-37 of the current issue of I Do Magazine. 

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