Wedding Cakes you can’t take your eyes off
Wedding Cakes you can’t take your eyes off
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It’s pretty obvious that you can’t have a wedding without some form of cake; it’s just not done. So whether you’re a fan of fondant or more of a cheese lover, there’s a wedding cake for everyone in these fabulous cake ideas.

Pressed flowers
With a push for more sustainable, eco-friendly weddings, some couples are opting to carry this look into their wedding cake. Taking dried flowers and press flat onto a white or pastel block colour cake, these pressed flower cakes wouldn’t look out of place in the heart of nature. And they look stunning at a Spring or Summer wedding.

Individual cakes
One thing for certain is that grazing tables are most definitely out! And individual wedding cakes transformed into easy to carry favours are in! Whether you opt for a cake-sicle, cake pop or traditional cupcake, these nifty little creations look stunning and are portable too!

It seems that couples really are throwing the rule book out of the window and are avoiding a wedding cake altogether! We’re seeing doughnuts and macarons in a three-tier design, decorated with Gypsophilia (baby’s breath) to give the feel of a wedding cake, but again, all individually made, so guests have their own tasty dessert.

Embroidered look
The embroidered look is something that is timeless and adds elegance to any wedding. The intricate lace embroidery effect instantly elevates the cake and will leave your guests wondering how the cake designer did it.

For a fresh springtime wedding, a cake covered in beautiful greenery is a winner. It looks clean and adds the burst of colour with maybe sprigs of rosemary or even small olive branches decorated around each tier.

Best of both
Some couples are opting for the best of both for their wedding cake and are choosing a three-tier wedding cake design. This includes a cake on the top tier, so the couple still has something to cut, then the two below tiers are filled with sweet treats like truffles and individual brownies for guests to eat.

A firm favourite that never falls out of favour. The naked wedding cake can be dressed up with fresh fruit and berries and adorned with beautiful florals to suit the theme of your wedding.

Wedding cake ideas for the cake avoiders

Cookie cake
Chocolate chip cookies in varying sizes stacked together to create the look of a wedding cake. Nobody can say no to a cookie!

Cheesy tiers
All your favourite cheese wheels perfectly arranged into a thing of beauty – best eaten with crackers and chutney of course!

Pork pie
Really can’t stand cake but love a good pork pie? Have three different types all layered up with your own personalised pastry initials decorating the top!

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