Wedding Favour Ideas
Wedding Favour Ideas
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There are so many different possibilities when it comes to your wedding favours, and it’s good to say thanks for your guests for attending your wedding. We’ve rounded up the top wedding favours we’re seeing a lot of lately.


These have tonnes of symbolism because you can plant them and watch them grow with the love you give them.

A Shot

Easy to personalise, give out shots to your adult guests to take home. Keep the tea-totallers in mind though.

Homemade Jam

If you’re into making your own jam, this is a real treat for your guests, because they get to take home something you have lovingly made.

Personalised Biscuits

Anything personalised is always a win, so biscuits with each of your guests’ names on will be a lovely added touch to your favours.

Flip Flops

Those in heels will love you for this. Have a basket filled with flip flops, so guests can take them and use them right away, meaning they can dance the night away free from pain.

Handmade Soap

For the crafters out there, make your own scented soaps, get them personalised with your wedding date and give these out as gifts. If you have a signature scent for your wedding day, this is also a great way of getting it across to your guests.

Drinks Spices

Think mulled wine spices like cinnamon and orange or even spices to make your own gin, like juniper berries. They’re a fun token of thanks and your guests will be able to utilise them too!


These are a cheap but great idea to give as your guests, because of the potential winnings they could gain! A great bit of fun for a wedding favour and if a guest wins big, all the better!


Perfect for the children and adults, hark back to your childhood with nostalgic sweets as your wedding favours. Think foam bananas, strawberry laces, liquorice allsorts, that sort of thing!

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