Wedding Flowers for Every Season
Wedding Flowers for Every Season
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Your wedding flowers are a big part of your wedding aesthetic. Choosing floral colours and combinations that work together well is no easy feat.

We enlisted the help of experienced florist Rachel Bragg of Forget-Me-Not-Floristry for her take on what’s popping in the bridal bouquet and more.

Classic White & Green

You don’t mess with a classic, and white florals like roses and calla lilies with green foliage is definitely one for the traditionalists. ’It’s always elegant, timeless and looks beautiful in particular when used for the bride, groom and wedding party’, Rachel says. A popular flower that fits with this theme is Lily of the Valley; it’s iconic and understated, with a delicate shape.

Dare to be Bold

When asked about colour choices, Rachel says couples are being more daring with their wedding flowers, with warmer tones such as coral, mustard, orange and also deep powder blue among popular choices. Bold colours are best utilised in larger floral arrangements such as floral chandeliers, arches, urns and clouds, Rachel continues.

Very Peri

With the Pantone colour of the year ‘Very Peri’, it’s no surprise that we’re also seeing purple tones reflected in floral arrangements.

Over the top Arrangements

Expect to see dramatic floral ceiling installations filled with draping foliage, as well as over the top floral table arrangements and huge floral entrance decorations. There are two sides of the wedding trend scale from minimalist to massive, and this is certainly of the ‘bigger is better’ variety!

Dried flowers on top form

The use of dried flowers in bouquets and floral arrangements has continued to soar in popularity, with some couples also opting for a mix of fresh and dried to create a texturally contrasting bouquet. Rachel also comments that bolder colour palettes work really well with dried flowers, including pampas grass, ferns and gypsophila.

The use of dried flowers is great in boho styled weddings, with examples of oat stems, bunny tails and eucalyptus all working together to fit the theme.

Floral cake hoops

It’s not just all about the bouquet and buttonholes; couples are loving the use of floral cake hoops to frame and define their wedding cake as a standout feature.

‘Cake stands with a metal hoop or frame to attach fresh or dried flowers are very popular. Making your wedding cake an even bigger feature with these statement pieces seems to be the way to go!’, Rachel says.

Earthy Tones

It’s the rise of earthy tones in wedding flowers, as Rachel says couples are choosing nudes, beige, bronze, toffee & copper tones in their floral arrangements, with a move away from the usual pastel pink/whites. These tones also work really well in rustic themed weddings and weddings wishing to portray understated elegance.

This article was researched and put together with the help of expert florist Rachel Bragg of Forget-Me-Not-floristry. To find out more about her, see her advert on page 33 of the current issue of I Do Magazine.

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