Wedding Food Ideas to Spice up your Reception
Wedding Food Ideas to Spice up your Reception
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Wedding food doesn’t have to be boring, so here are some top taste bud tingling catering ideas that your wedding guests will absolutely love.


Pizza Oven

A firm favourite among couples is the pizza oven. Vendors can make pizzas to order, so this also doubles up as entertainment in a way. Freshly stone baked pizza is super satisfying and it’s portable too, so your guests can walk around whilst enjoying a slice of the good stuff.

Ice Cream Van

One for adults and kids alike, ice cream for everyone! You could even create a signature ice cream combination just for your wedding day for guests to enjoy. The best part about this is all the toppings; rainbow sprinkles, strawberry syrup or chocolate pieces? Now you just need to decide which flavour ice cream.

American Burger Van

There’s nothing like a burger and fries on your wedding day. No really, if you like the relaxed laid back feel of an American style burger topped with cheese, fried onions and a big slice of beef tomato, this is a great food fare to choose.

Pie and Mash/Peas

The ultimate in comfort food fare. Whether you have your pie with mash and gravy or are more of a mushy peas and mint sauce lover, pie and mash is always a wedding favourite. It’ll warm your guests’ cockles and will feel like a warm hug in their stomachs.

Mexican Street Food

Nachos and Burritos are the hot ticket for fans of Mexican food. Guests can choose their own toppings of guacamole, cheese or sour cream, even adding sliced jalapenos for an extra kick. Sometimes you’ve just gotta get down and dirty with a burrito, but word of warning, you’ll need a napkin at the ready!

Greek Gyros

One for the Greek kebab lovers. Enjoy flame grilled meats in a freshly baked warm pitta/wrap filled with salad and tzatziki. Paired with tasty halloumi fries, your wedding guests will be coming back for more.

Jacket Potato Van

Perfect for an Autumn/Winter wedding, you can’t beat a Jacket Potato topped with your go to favourite. Choose from Tuna Mayo, Beans and Cheese, Coleslaw, or even Chilli Con Carne for a spicy hit!

Pie and Mash/Peas

The ultimate in comfort food fare. Whether you have your pie with mash and gravy or are more of a mushy peas and mint sauce lover, pie and mash is always a wedding favourite. It’ll warm your guests’ cockles and will feel like a warm hug in their stomachs.


Imagine a warm crepe covered in chocolate sauce with fresh strawberries on top…No need to imagine. Hire it for your wedding day! Guests can have their crepes however they choose, with a range of toppings available, in both sweet and savoury.

Thai Noodle Bar

Hot spicy noodles more your fare? This takes wedding street food eating to the next level and is guaranteed to wake up your guests’ taste buds. Guests can pair their noodles with a range of meats and veggie options, and you could include a range of spice levels. The more adventurous guests can challenge their heat tolerance whilst others can safely opt for a milder heat that’s full of flavour.

Sushi Bar

Perfect for Summer weddings, a fresh sushi bar will be a welcome treat. You could also have veggie options to delight both your fish loving and vegetarian guests. This could also double up as entertainment if you have a professional making sushi to order.

Fresh Doughnuts

If you love nothing more than a hot fresh doughnut, hiring a doughnut van is a great idea. Particularly great for outdoor weddings when the evening chill starts to bite, grab a doughnut dipped in sugar and your taste buds will be happy.


Similar to doughnuts, but arguably even tastier, pair freshly made warm churros with a chocolate dipping sauce to be transported to chocolate paradise.

Gin/Prosecco Bar

This article is primarily about food, but don’t forget the drinks are just as important. Gin and Prosecco bars are among the popular choices for drinks catering at weddings, and it’s easy to see why. Many vendors offer a huge selection of gins for guests to choose from, and you could even design your own signature Prosecco cocktail to be served to your guests.

Fried Chicken Van

Craving fried chicken? If your favourite well-known fast food can’t be served at your wedding, never fear. There are plenty of mobile chicken vans just waiting to bring the southern fried flavour to your wedding day. Served with gravy, coleslaw, corn on the cob or beans, what could be more enticing than fried chicken on your wedding day? Mind the greasy fingers though; this food can get messy.

Pretzel Bar

For couples who want to offer their guests a pretzel snack for that in between time at your wedding reception, a pretzel bar is a great addition. Serve pretzels with a range of dipping sauces so your guests can choose their flavour. Interactive food is always a good idea at weddings as it allows your guests to get involved with their dinner.

Popcorn station

The flavours for this one are endless. You could either go sweet or savoury and the traditional flavours of popcorn can go out the window. Instead of plain salted, butter or sweet, serve gin and tonic flavoured popcorn, or even chilli dusted popcorn. You could really go to town with your flavour choices here.

Chocolate fountain

You may think this is an old school choice, but the chocolate fountain is simply timeless. You can dip anything from fresh pineapple and strawberries to marshmallows and brownies; and you can even forego the typical milk chocolate in favour of a white chocolate fountain if you wish.

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