Top Wedding Hair Trends
Top Wedding Hair Trends
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There are a million different ways to style your hair for your wedding day. We’ve put together a few ideas to hopefully help find the right style for you.

Relaxed Updo’s

Pulled off the face with pieces of hair pulled out to create a messy texture, relaxed updo’s are a long-haired bride’s dream if she doesn’t want her hair down on her wedding day. Teamed with a loose plait across the hairline at the front, a relaxed updo’s could be your ‘go to’ for your bridal hair.

Soft Waves

We’re seeing a lot of loose waves in wedding hair this year, with large flowers pinning up one side for a summery look. Waves look particularly beautiful with multi tonal hair such as different highlights of blonde or caramel, as they show off the colour really well.

Blunt straight hair

This is the complete opposite of soft waves, in that it creates a harsh look for your bridal hair. If you already have naturally pin straight hair, this is perfect for you. Edgy brides tend to go for this look as they like the contrast between the softness of their bridal gown and the choppy straight lines in their hair style. It’s also no fuss.

Accessorise accordingly

Going for a traditional chignon? Style it up with a glittering hairpin that sits just above it to create a stunning feature. Or choose a sparkling hair comb to sweep one side of your hair back for a beautiful bridal day look.

Twisted Hairstyles

Twisted bridal hair looks gorgeous. Whether you style it half up half down or have a twisted ponytail; adding a twist to the hair adds an extra layer of volume and its pretty easy to do!

Bridal Lob

The bridal lob is basically a long bob, and many brides are opting for the chop after seeing beautiful effortless creations all over Pinterest. This style is indeed popular, but a word of warning. If you have stunning long hair, think twice before having it all chopped off in search of the perfect wedding look. It’ll take a long time for all that hair to grow back!

Low buns

Megan Markle is to thank for this one. Brides are opting for a low bun with centre parting and loose tendrils of hair to frame the face for an elegant, yet relaxed look.

Loose Ponytail

With added volume and plenty of hairspray, a low loose ponytail looks chic and simple for a bride wanting no fuss but optimum effect.

Natural Look

A lot of brides are shouting about going all natural with their hair on their wedding day.

Accentuate any natural waves or curls you might already have with hair oil or mousse and pin a little up to create a half up half down effortless hairstyle.

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