Wedding Questions Answered: Alicia Eden Photography
Wedding Questions Answered: Alicia Eden Photography
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We thought it was time to chat to another photographer to see how they’ve been coping during the pandemic and whether they’ve returned to work in some capacity now lockdown has begun to ease slightly.

So today we’re chatting to Alicia from Alicia Eden Photography about life in lockdown and her new puppy!

Q: What have you been up to since lockdown started?

‘The onset of lockdown had me sat thinking oh my goodness, this is going to be one hell of a long ride with not a lot to do! Luckily for me, just before lockdown began, myself and my partner reserved a cocker spaniel puppy, so I have spent the majority of lockdown looking after, training, and photographing him! He is definitely the most photographed puppy EVER! Check out his instagram @_leo_the_cocker_

Q: How has it affected your business?

‘The lockdown has had a HUGE affect on my business! 2020 was set to be my busiest and best year to date, and to watch my work disappear before my eyes has been literally heart breaking! One thing I will say, this has made me realise just how much I adore my job, to me, it’s more than just a job, and I was utterly devastated to think I wouldn’t get to share in my couples special days this summer! It has changed the way I think about my work entirely.

How have your couples been with you?

‘My couples literally are the best people I could wish to know, honestly some of them have made me cry with their kind words and gestures! I’ve had a few couples pay off their remaining balances in full – even though their weddings are now moved to next year – just as a gesture of keeping me afloat whilst I have no other work on… safe to say they made me bawl like a baby with sheer gratitude! Every single couple I have spoken to have just been amazing, they’re going through the worst, most stressful time – yet they are all taking the time to ask how I am too, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that!’

Q: Have you had many rescheduled weddings? If so how have you dealt with this?

‘I’ve had every wedding from March through to August rescheduled, with some September and October couples choosing to reschedule too out of caution! I couldn’t have been luckier in the respect that every single couple that has needed to postpone, thus far, I have been able to accommodate them with a new date! We have worked together between venues, the couple, myself and other suppliers to help them navigate their way to a new date, and transfer their bookings into next year!

Yesterday I was devastated when I received an email from one couple who wanted to postpone to a 2021 date that I unfortunately didn’t have free! I was beside myself thinking how much I was letting them down! They were beyond amazing, and although disappointed- were so lovely to say that it wasn’t my fault and couldn’t be helped, and I began helping them search for alternatives! This morning I was surprised to hear from them again, as they explained that the registrars were in fact not available on the date they had chosen, and they have now selected a midweek date next year and I am delighted to be able to photograph their new date this time!!’

Q: Do you know yet when you will be reopening up again and how will your business be operating differently?

‘In terms of weddings, I don’t think any of us know when we will be able to work again in the wedding industry- but luckily I have been able to slowly return to working in some capacity! I am now offering outdoor photoshoots where social distancing can be maintained! I am, of course, having to introduce some new rules, such as only one household per shoot and no props being offered.’

Q: Do you have anything else to add for people thinking of booking you for their wedding?

‘If I didn’t already know it before, this experience has taught me just how much I ADORE what I do, I miss my work, my amazing clients and the feeling of sharing in everyones’ special days! As most of my brides would say, and it always fills me with such joy to hear – I like to think I am more than just a photographer, I become your little wedding PA, with my handy ‘bridal survival kit’ tucked away in my bag- there’s no wedding fiasco that can’t be fixed when we all work together!’

It’s so lovely to hear how upbeat Alicia is about having to reschedule almost 6 months of weddings for next year onwards; that’s commitment for you!

We’re happy to hear that the latest government guidance states that wedding ceremonies can go ahead from 4th July with up to 30 people attending (socially distanced), so hopefully it’l not be long before weddings as we all know them are allowed to happen (safely of course).

All photos are courtesy of Alicia Eden Photography; view more of her work at:

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