Wedding Questions Answered: Something Sweet
Wedding Questions Answered: Something Sweet
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You’ve really been enjoying our conversations with wedding suppliers during the pandemic.

So today we spoke to the wonderful Kelly and Andrew from Something Sweet to see how they’ve been doing and whether they’ve still been creating sweet treats!

Q: Thanks for doing this guys. Firstly, could you just give me an idea of how the business has been since the pandemic began and what you guys have been doing to keep busy?

As to be expected, our work has mainly been adjusting the current bookings we have over to the new dates given by our brides and grooms. We have had a few new bookings for people booking in 2021 wanting to secure some extra treats before all our peak days are taken. The stock we had ready for weddings in April and May, we bagged up and sent it all over to Sheffield Childrens Hospital A & E and Barnsley Hospital to give the staff a sugar rush in these tough times. As many of our followers know, we have a new member of the team joining soon. Our personal time is taken getting the house in order! Although it is an awful time, we are enjoying the peace and quiet before our ‘Peanut’ arrives.

Q: How have you been affected and what steps are you taking to secure the business?

We have mostly been affected with couples changing to new dates in 2021. Our business is very secure financially as we have no business overheads to pay other than the purchase of stock per booking. Luckily, I still work part time and I’m furloughed and going on Maternity Leave in June so business is fine. I did cancel my maternity leave for the weddings so we could cover more July, August and September bookings but we will see if they can go ahead, I’m not optimistic we will be able to have large gatherings by then but we can hope!

Q: How have your couples been during this time?

Our couples have been very understanding over the amendments and the feedback from how we have handled the changes has been lovely. Most couples have sent suppliers 2 or 3 dates that they are thinking of changing to and allowing the suppliers to let them know their availability. This would be my top tip to anyone changing their wedding. This way you can choose the date that you prefer with the least amount of upheaval.

Q: Have you been able to accommodate their queries such as cancellations or date changes?

Every enquiry for date changes, we have tried to action within the hour of receiving them. There is nothing worse than waiting for someone to get back to you for hours on end…plus, it isn’t like we have much to do seen as our bookings are all changing!

Now I’ve just got a few questions for you as if they’re from couples asking if that’s ok.

Q: Do I still have to pay you if my wedding is cancelled?

You will still pay the final balance but the date it is due will be adjusted in line with your new wedding.

Q: Will my deposit be carried over to a new date?

If you are affected, we will transfer your deposit over and your balance is now due 4 weeks before your new date.

Q: What if you’re not available on my new date? Is there someone else available?

Luckily, we only have had one bride who has not been able to get the items that she wanted for her big day. She didn’t want any of the other options we had available so she has cancelled the booking with us. Other suppliers have been recommended but I think she has decided to choose a different treat for her evening guests.

Q: Will I get my money back if you can’t do my new date?

If there are no products that we can supply or we are fully booked with no alternatives available, then you would be refunded including the deposit.

Thank you so much to both Kelly and Andrew for taking the time to answer these questions. We all love a sweet treat, so its a good job Something Sweet can provide them!

All photos are taken from Something Sweet’s Facebook page. 

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