Winter Wedding Ideas
Winter Wedding Ideas
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Winter Weddings are growing in popularity; they’re cheaper on the whole as they’re classed as out-of-season for many suppliers, and they provide a stunning backdrop to say your ‘I Do’s!

We’ve put together a post on some top Winter wedding ideas, along with a few important tips not to forget.

Warming Drinks
Hot Chocolate all the way here, or even better, a Hot Toddy! Warming drinks are great during Winter weddings as they help warm everyone up after a chilly journey to get to the ceremony. You could greet your guests with a nice hot chocolate upon arrival and even have a make your own Hot Chocolate station with marshmallows and whipped cream. The children will love this one!

Cozy Blankets
If your ceremony is outside (and some couples do opt for an outdoors affair at this time of year), then a basket of cosy blankets for your guests is a great idea.

Winter Scents
Cinnamon, Oranges, Cloves and Ginger are all winter scents that are a lovely addition to the décor for your wedding. A scent can bring back happy memories and help create a cosy atmosphere at your wedding. Maybe try adding a bundle of cinnamon to your bridal bouquet, or adorn your wedding cake for a festive and beautifully scented touch.

Red & Gold colour scheme
Red and Gold are a match made in heaven, so utilise this perfect pairing in your wedding décor. Table runners, placemats, candelabras, even your wedding favours can be tailored to this extra festive colour scheme.

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are a welcome addition to a winter wedding because they add extra light to darkened corners and provide a soft relaxing ambience. They also look great in wedding photos.

Add some sparkle
Glittery bridesmaid dresses are a must for this time of year, plus they pair really well against a snowy backdrop; ideal for those wedding photos!

Candlelit dinner
If your venue allows it (and make sure you check beforehand), utilise the romantic atmosphere that lit candles can bring to a winter wedding. Especially as those darker evenings roll in and its pitch black at 4pm, your guests will love eating their wedding meal by candlelight.

Wedding Venue Decorations
Find out what sort of Festive decorations your chosen venue is going to have and use them to your advantage. This works both ways; if you’re not keen on the decorations and they will be displayed where you get married, speak to the venue to see if they can take them down, so you can add your own colour scheme.

Winter Wedding Stationery
You can go one of two ways here; go down the red accented route, for example, with amaryllis flowers bordering your invites, or you can go metallic, with gold foiled wedding invitations fit for a King or Queen!

Extra Wintery Accents
In your décor, add sprigs of Holly, red berries and fake snow dusted pinecones where you can. It’s all about those little accents that make a Winter wedding perfect.

Velvet Attire
A thick velvet jacket for the groom will look fantastic and will keep them warm while you’re having your outdoor wedding photos taken against the brisk cold winter background. Popular Velvet jacket colours are burgundy, emerald green and navy blue.

Winter Wedding Favours
Opt for festive gift wrapped favours that look like Christmas presents for your guests. Homemade chutneys, festive biscuits, spiced for mulled wine and even Christmas crackers are all fab favour ideas.

Have a Coat Check
This may be a good idea as many of your wedding guests will be arriving with big winter coats on; so having a designated coat check area where they can keep their big fluffy coats is a welcome idea. Coats over the back of chairs won’t ruin your wedding photos either.

Seasonal Food
Smoked salmon for a starter, or for something warmer, opt for a tomato soup with fresh croutons, then turkey dinner with all the trimmings for the main, and Christmas pudding for dessert! Or if you don’t like Christmas pudding (and I don’t know many people who do), opt for a Chocolate pudding that oozes and melts in the middle. Then you can finish it all off with a nice mulled wine.

Extra Tips

Plan Travel Ahead of time
With all Winter weddings, make sure you advise your guests to plan for the weather and leave plenty of time to get to the ceremony. This time of year can be very dangerous, especially for the elderly, and you want to make sure your wedding guests are as prepared as can be for your special day.

Wedding Insurance
Think about getting Wedding Insurance. This might be a good idea for winter weddings in particular, in case of adverse weather conditions that could affect your wedding in a multitude of ways.

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