Your Wedding Aesthetic
Your Wedding Aesthetic
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When searching for a wedding stationery style, it’s important to choose a design and colour scheme that fits with your wedding. It gives guests a sneak peek of what they can expect on your big day.

We spoke to stationery design expert Yasmin Ireland of award-winning Ivy Alice Stationery to get the lowdown on your wedding invites.

Clean Minimalist look

Many couples are opting for a more minimalist design for their wedding invites it seems, with the addition of elegant typography set against a colour block background being a firm favourite.

Digital Save the Dates

After many weddings were rescheduled and rescheduled again (thanks pandemic), many couples have instead opted to forego printed save-the-dates in favour of a digital version. This can be sent either by email, text or even WhatsApp.

Yasmin says, These are perfect, as they are designed by us in house which can be suited around client’s wedding stationery design requirements which can be carried to printed invitations and on the day stationery.’

Metallic Accents

Say Goodbye to rose gold, ok maybe not goodbye but it’s definitely waning in popularity in favour of yellow gold throughout wedding stationery. According to Yasmin, couples are loving gold leaf accents, gold foiled typography and finished off with stunning golden wax seals.

Wax Seals

Speaking of wax seals, these are more popular than ever before. Wax seals add an elegant final touch to the wedding stationery and can be personalised with the couple’s initials or even a floral accent from the bouquet.

Earthy/ Coffee Tones

This seems to be a regular theme across wedding décor, the cake, flowers and stationery this year. The use of earthy tones with lots of beige and mocha interlaced with cream makes for a subtle, yet effective set of wedding stationery.

Gatefold Invites

With the scope for wedding invites to come in all shapes and sizes, it appears the possibilities are endless; however gatefold seems to stand out. 

‘We seem to see a clear winner of choice from our clients, which is the gate fold; they are super popular and from our current 2023 weddings, we can see the gate fold to be a huge hit as there is a lot more space for the invitation to be presented and personalised!’, Yasmin comments. It means the couple can add as much detail as possible, so guests know everything they need to about the wedding, from venue location to nearby accommodation and reception details.

Black & White

Running along with the minimalist theme, monochrome is a popular choice. The contrast of the black and white makes for a simple yet stand out look. Plus, it’s easily adaptable to work well with most wedding styles.

Complimenting Colours

When thinking of which colours to use in your stationery, it doesn’t all have to be the same matching colours either.

Yasmin says, ‘You don’t necessarily need to focus on the colour palettes the couples wish to use on the day. We use the colour wheel to match perfectly visually appealing colours to compliment the colour pallets chosen for design, Yasmin says.’ So blush pink can pair well with other pastel colours like sage green or dusty blues.

Alternative Name Cards

Forget about traditional name cards, couples are going all out with agate name cards for a glamorous, sparkling touch. These are absolutely stunning and also double up as a wedding favour paper weight for the guests to take home.


For the wedding signage, couples are moving away from acrylic and wooden designs, with a return to digitally printed foamex. ‘They are easier to style on the day meaning they can be hung onto elements instead of using an easel’, Yasmin says.

Yasmin’s take – Our top tip to our couples is to ‘be you’ – invitations are the first insight into the couple’s wedding day, it is a story telling experience to give guests an idea of what is to come on the day, right at their fingertips! If you want to include your personality, do it! There is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding invitations.’ 

This article was researched and put together with the help of pro wedding stationer Yasmin Ireland of Ivy Alice Stationery. Ivy Alice Stationery are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and are the 2022 winners for Stationery in Yorkshire at the I Do Wedding Awards.

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