Your Wedding Stationery Timeline
Your Wedding Stationery Timeline
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So you’ve said yes and you’re engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!
You’ve even set a date! But when do you even start thinking about Save-the-Dates, invitations and all the rest of it?

Have a quick Google search and the internet throws up a whole range of different timelines, so it’s not exactly the same timeframe for everyone.
Here’s our handy guide to when we recommend you should send out your wedding stationery in the hopes that it might help with your planning.

Save the Dates
6-9 months prior
When you’ve got your date and venue confirmed, you can send your save-the-dates at any time. A general guide is at least 6 months before your wedding date; however other factors can come into play. For example, if your wedding is around Christmas or during the Summer holidays when many people go away, you’ll want to send your save-the-dates further in advance. This will help avoid any long-term planned in events affecting guest attendance on your big day.
If you have guests who need plenty of notice, let this be a good indicator of when to send them out. Remember this is not your wedding invite, it’s just a note to say this is the date you’re getting married and for people to keep it free.
Your Save-the-dates should have important info on such as your names (obviously), the wedding date, venue and location. The location is especially important for guests travelling out of your area, who may need to factor in extra time off work for travelling.
You can either send save the dates the old-fashioned way, by post, or why not switch things up and send them digitally. You can let your guests know your wedding is happening and then say the formal invite will follow in the post.

Wedding Invites
4-6 months prior
We recommend sending wedding invitations at least 4 months before your wedding. If you send them too early, people could misplace them; too late and your guests may struggle to get time off work. If your wedding is abroad, factor this into your timeline. A general rule of thumb is to send invites a few months earlier with destination weddings. This gives people time to save up to travel overseas for your special day and also book the important time off.

What to include
On your wedding invite, it’s important to give all the information your guests will need for your special day. This includes:
• Venue location, date and time – add this for both the ceremony venue and reception venue if different
• Guest details – if plus ones and children are allowed or not
• Travel information – very important for guests who have further to travel
• Accommodation information – if guests wish to stay overnight
• The wedding menu – ask guests to send dietary requirements and allergies for this
Remember your RSVPs will be a separate insert, and your accommodation can be a separate insert too. Just make sure to send it all together tied up in a pretty wrapped up envelope.
Your RSVPs are sent with your wedding invites. Make sure you put a ‘reply by this date’ note on your RSVP. It’s not a ‘fix all’ solution, but it gives your guests a reminder when to get them sent to you by. Your deadline date for RSVPs should be at least a month before the wedding; or even earlier if you like to be super organised. This will help when sorting the final guest numbers for any table plans and meal requirements for the big day.

Thank You Cards
1-3 months after
Send these out between 1-3 months after your wedding date. Your wedding will still be pretty fresh in your guests’ minds, so it’s nice to send sooner rather than later. Make sure you send thank you cards to everyone, not just those who brought gifts. If they brought a gift, mention it in your thank you card; it takes more time but it’s the thought that counts.

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