10 Most Haunted UK Wedding Venues
10 Most Haunted UK Wedding Venues
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Having a Halloween themed wedding?

Why not go one step further and have it at a haunted wedding venue!

We’ve done our spooky research and have found some of the spookiest venues in the UK to add a fright to your wedding guests!
So if you’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night, read on.
Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire
Wollaton Hall was completed in 1588 and is noted as one of the most haunted buildings in Nottinghamshire. It’s said to be haunted by the White Lady, who has been seen roaming the backs of the buildings and Room 19 in particular.  Wollaton Hall uses it’s spooky background to draw in ghost hunters and you can even explore the cellars and listen out for murmuring voices which are constantly heard down the narrow corridors.
Be sure to visit The Great Hall if you’re thinking of having your wedding at Wollaton Hall; with it’s intricate carved stone archways and hammer beam ceilings, the architecture will amaze you (and look gorgeous in your wedding photos).
Hazelwood Castle
This is a great place to start on our spooky journey as there have been several sightings of ghosts in the rooms at Hazelwood Castle. Originally a monastery, sightings of black habited monks have been regularly spotted walking from St Mary’s Courtyard and then disappearing into a Yew Tree or walking into the laundry store area.
In the Rose bedroom during a stay, one lady rebuked her husband for moving around too much in bed and waking her up, only to see her husband walking out of the bathroom. She then spent the rest of the night on the library sofa. Then one Christmas a guest complained they could hear a baby crying repeatedly, but no babies were in any of the adjoining rooms. It is well known that Hazelwood Castle was a maternity hospital between 1939 and 1953.
Mosborough Hall Hotel
Mosborough Hall is a very popular wedding venue situated in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. However, it has a much grizzlier history and is said to be home to A LOT of ghosts, the most famous being The White Lady (yes, we know, there seem to be a lot of White Ladies roaming round hotels).
The story goes that a young woman fell in love with the squire of the house and became pregnant. He promised her riches and love and anything she might need for the child, but then quickly changed his mind. This resulted in many screaming matches between the pair, which are now reportedly heard throughout the hotel by guests. Not long after the last argument, the squire is said to have slit the young woman’s throat in desperation, killing her and her unborn child. The woman had a pet dog, who pined for her after she died, and guests have reported sightings of a phantom hound around the hotel.
If you’d like a spooky visit here, the Lord John Darcy Suite is where The White Lady is sighted and you can book a haunted ghost package at the hotel, as well as your wedding of course.
Coombe Abbey Hotel, Warwickshire
Originally a monastery dating back to the 12th century, Coombe Abbey was given to Henry VII.  There are a few reported hauntings at this venue with one story about an Abbot called Geoffrey who was murdered in 1345. His murderer was never found but Geoffrey’s ghost can be heard throwing things on the floor in the kitchen.
Then there’s Matilda, a resident gypsy girl who fell pregnant by the master of the house who spurned her. Her footsteps can be heard pattering across the cobbles near the stables and it’s said that she put a curse on the Craven family after she lost the baby. She cursed the first born and said they would die before middle age; oddly enough, the Craven family had bad luck with their children, who died quite young.
This wedding venue has bags of character and over 500 acres of parkland, so it’s a gorgeous place for a wedding, if you don’t mind sharing with the ghosts!
Alnwick Castle, Northumberland
Yes it’s the famous Harry Potter castle, which also happens to be seriously haunted! This makes for a fabulous, and highly sought after wedding venue, especially as it apparently plays host to the Alnwick vampire.
It is said that a man who served the Lord of the castle suspected his wife of having an affair. Aiming to catch the pair in the act, he climbed onto the roof of their dwelling and fell to his death. After the man’s burial, he was spotted around the town. Soon after, livestock began to die and illness started to spread, so naturally, the locals pointed blame at the seemingly undead man. They dug up his corpse, and after finding it engorged with blood, disposed of it and the illnesses and random appearances stopped.
So if you like vampire tales, Harry Potter and a beautiful historic castle as your wedding venue, check out Alnwick Castle!
Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire
We have another castle now and this is famous for being the place that held Mary Queen of Scots prisoner four times. She’s been spotted standing at the window of the Great Hall dressed head to toe in black and in 2004, forty guests saw her standing at the top of the south tower.
Taking it all in its stride, Tutbury Castle also holds second torch-lit wedding ceremonies at midnight, where you and your guests can enjoy a ghost hunt within the castle grounds after you’ve said your ‘I Do’s’. Now that’s a way to promote your castle ghosts, especially royal ones!
Eyam Hall, Derbyshire
The village of Eyam became famous during the plague of 1665, where residents chose to isolate themselves instead of letting the plague spread to outside communities. Eyam effectively closed itself off to save other villages, which is a noble act by the village’s residents. A third of their population died, but because of their bravery, neighbouring towns were kept safe. It’s said that the ghosts of the infected still haunt people today and in particular, the ghost of Sarah Mills, a servant girl of Eyam Hall, who drowned in the village well has been sighted.
Ettington Park Hotel, Warwickshire
This famous Neo Gothic Mansion was previously named the most haunted venue in the UK by AA. Both Guests and Staff members have reported hearing voices and seeing ghosts. The hotel’s most famous ghost is that of a woman dressed in white (yes, white again). She floats along the corridors at night and disappears through walls, frightening staff and guests alike. Staff believe she is a former governess of the house and is called ‘Lady Emma’.
The venue is part of the Handpicked Hotels group and was formerly owned by The Shirley family, one of Warwickshire’s oldest families, who still visit the venue today. The grandeur of this venue is unbeatable; with its ornate high ceilings and striking turrets, it’ll be hard to find a more fairytale like wedding venue.
Walworth Castle, Darlington
Walworth Castle is a 12th century Grade 1 listed mansion with a super spooky story to tell. It is reported that a maid fell pregnant by one of the Lords of the house. The Castle was undergoing renovations at the time, so the Lord used this to his advantage and had the maid bricked up into the walls of the house, where she perished. It is said her ghost haunts the halls today. Other ghostly goings on are teacups seen rattling, cries being heard behind a wall in the staircase, and sightings of a young woman in an armchair within the hotel.
The castle also only hosts one wedding a day, so you get the entire place to yourself (and the ghosts). There are also 18 acres of beautiful lawns and woodlands, with rolling countryside as far as the eye can see. The perfect fairytale location.
Muncaster Castle, Lake District
Muncaster Castle is believed to be on the site of Roman remains and was owned by the Pennington Family.
The Castle takes it’s haunted status very seriously, and hosts yearly Halloween events for the public to enjoy. They also have ghost tours that you can book onto, which, if you’re a ghost fan, would be a great wedding present!
There are a fair few reported hauntings that go on here, with many often occurring in The Tapestry Room. Visitors report witnessing their door handle turning and opening with no one there, footsteps outside in the corridor and a child heard crying near the window. Then there’s Tom Fool aka Thomas Skelton, a ghoulish trickster who was the castle’s jester in the 1600’s. Tom is rarely seen, but his antics involve playing tricks on staff and guests.
As it’s situated in arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, the Lake District, Muncaster Castle really is a breath-taking wedding venue. It’s also exclusive use too, so you and your guests can enjoy the surroundings privately.
Those are the venues we think are haunted enough to be in our top 10.
Do you love all things spooky and are Getting married at one of these venues? Then we’d love to hear from you!
A Real Life Wedding featuring ghostly beings; we can’t wait!

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