Flower Power: Guide to Choosing your Wedding Flowers
Flower Power: Guide to Choosing your Wedding Flowers
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Choosing the flowers for your wedding can be difficult, but with our help, hopefully you can wear your bridal bouquet with pride on your wedding day! Here are some important things to think about when choosing your wedding flowers.


Opting for flowers in season makes perfect sense. You get your flowers at their peak and they are also grown as nature intended. Choosing seasonal also helps your wedding budget, so bare that in mind. Sweet Peas are a Spring Bride’s flower of choice, while Amaryllis are a stunning Winter flower that stand out with its deep red shading.


You may think this is obvious, but when thinking about your wedding flowers, brides don’t think about how theirs will smell. However, the first thing you do when you get your bridal bouquet is smell it. For nervous brides, try adding sprigs of lavender for a pop of relaxing purple. Or if you have a favourite floral scent and it’s in season, add it to your bouquet. That way, whenever you buy your favourite flowers, the scent will instantly bring you back to your wedding day.


Bridal and Bridesmaid bouquets that contrast are aesthetically pleasing on the eye, and look great in your wedding photos.  If your bridesmaids have burgundy flowers, opt for a light ivory shade to stand out.


For couples with sustainability in mind, repurpose your flowers used at the ceremony as table décor and choose quality over quantity. You’ve spent all that money on dressing your venue/s, so it makes sense to utilise what you’ve got as much as possible. Plus, it’s better for the environment.

Back to Classic

Over the last few years, we’ve talked about rough, oversized bridal bouquets that drape down and hang in all directions. Now though, brides seem to be returning to classic, more understated bouquets. This is great because simple bouquets take up less attention, so your wedding guests are looking at you. Having said that, brides are still having greenery filled,  loose looking bouquets, but in miniature form.

Flower Crowns

These are making a welcome return to 2019/20 weddings and are perfect if you’re a boho bride or having a spring or summer wedding.  Flower crowns give a natural, care free feel to the wedding look.

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