Guest Post: School Disco Wedding Classics
Guest Post: School Disco Wedding Classics
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A wedding is a fine time for nostalgia, and nothing brings back those memories like a good tune. And while our definition of ‘good’ may have changed over the years, thanks to these cheesy chart-toppers, you and your guests now share some hilarious memories of leaping around your repurposed school gymnasium in a Panda Pop-fuelled frenzy.

The school disco is a right of passage for many – first dance, first kiss, first friction burn from a knee slide – and, whether you love or hate the songs today, everyone will enjoy reminiscing about these blasts from the past. How many do you dare add to your wedding playlist?


Hot Hot Hot – Buster Poindexter
If the lyrics alone don’t light fires under the seats of your guests, the sunny Calypso rhythms surely will! Can you say ‘O-lé’?

Superman – Black Lace
You too can be heroes as Black Lace take you through Superman’s many heroic duties – such as spraying deodorant, going for a walk, and sneezing.

Agadoo – Black Lace
Another entry from the pioneers of the Skegness sound, this track was deemed ‘not credible’ enough for Radio 1 upon its release, but that hasn’t stopped generations of disco-goers trying to figure out how ‘pineapple pushing’ is a dance move.


Barbie Girl – Aqua
If you’re in the 1% of people who don’t know the lyrics to this ubiquitous 90s hit, you will by the fifth chorus! As Ken repeatedly asks of Barbie, let’s go party.

Saturday Night – Whigfield
Whatever day of the week it is, synchronised dancing is in session when this internationally successful bass line drops.

Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit – Gina G
This ultra-upbeat offering from Australian singer Gina G is, at its core, a pure expression of joy – and couldn’t sound more gloriously 90s if it tried.

La Macarena – Los Del Rio
Come on, who doesn’t know the moves to the Macarena? Your guests who say they don’t just aren’t admitting that they’ve learned them off by heart! The words, however, are a different matter… as long as everyone twists around as they sing ‘Hey Macarena’, they’ll be happy.

Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex
Grab your pardner by the arm and swing them round and round to this techno-hoedown from the aptly named album ‘Sex and Violins’.

C’est la Vie – B*Witched
With a super-catchy chorus and some inventive wordplay, the debut song from this Irish girl group has since been featured in several films and TV shows. That’s the life!

The Grease Megamix – John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
Three of the most beloved numbers from the hit musical, with plenty of boy-girl line swapping, woven together into one tight teeny-bopping package? That’s the one that I want!

Sweet Like Chocolate – Shanks & Bigfoot
With a sugary chorus and a catchy ‘la-la-la’ section, it’s hard not to hear this 90s hit without saying ‘aww’.

Mambo No.5 – Lou Bega
All the Monicas, Sandras and Jessicas on your guest list will love the shout out this enormously successful single gives them.


The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) – The Cheeky Girls
The only thing cheekier than these risqué Romanian twins’ is in their one hit’s wonderful title.

Sound of the Underground – Girls Aloud
The song that kicked off this girl group’s career in the early 00’s is a dark, edgy, surf-tinged pop classic, and is sure to get your guests twisting and turning.

Round Round – Sugababes
Another turn of the century girl group from the same hit factory opted for a far raunchier image and sound which is nonetheless effective in the floor-filling department.

Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper (aka Mr C the Slide Man)
When it’s time to get funky, your guests will instinctively know to assemble on the dance floor, and follow each of DJ Casper’s enthusiastic instructions.

Year 3000 – Busted
Although they’re yet to outsell Michael Jackson with their seventh album, this Back To the Future-inspired pop rock tune is their undisputed hit of the millennium.

The Ketchup Song (Aserejé) – Las Ketchup
Just as the characters in the chorus of this list’s second latin-flavoured club anthem have difficulty pronouncing the lyrics of Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s Delight’, so too can you struggle to sing in Spanish as you wiggle your fingers and knock your knees.

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