Maxine & David’s Pandemic Wedding Frustration
Maxine & David’s Pandemic Wedding Frustration
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This pandemic has affected weddings as we know them for a good while. And couples with weddings at the end of this year are in a panic worrying whether they will get the special day they’ve dreamed of due to all the restrictions surrounding wedding entertainment, guest number limits and social distancing.

Today we chat to Maxine and David about their own personal wedding planning story and the issues they’ve faced due to the pandemic.

Q: Hi Maxine, thanks for chatting to us today. So tell me how you and David met, and also how you got engaged.

‘Me & David met at the tender age of 18 and 20 years old after David and his friends followed one of their friends cars that I was having a lift in because they wanted to find out how their mate had bagged a gorgeous girl like me. Turns out he was just giving me a lift to my college friends house and David pulled up at the side of us once we’d stopped. I instantly fancied him and thought to myself ‘he’s a posh lad, he won’t like me’. How wrong I was! Long story short since that very night where by chance he followed his mates car, we’ve not been apart since and have had three beautiful children together.’

Q: When’s your wedding date and has the pandemic affected this?

‘Our wedding was supposed to take place on the 20th of December 2020 at Wortley Hall, South Yorkshire. Most of our wedding planning was done and it was just a case of getting small things still on the shopping list. Then Coronavirus hit the UK and I foolishly thought it wouldn’t be around for that long initially. Once May & June weddings started getting cancelled, I quickly started realising that our wedding may not go ahead as planned.

The government guidelines on the 4th of July stated that weddings could take place again but were limited to 30 guests including the registrar etc. I knew that the guidelines would probably be reviewed again sometime soon but our wedding is a larger one with 130 guests invited to the evening, 80 day guests & a singer coming to perform. I just couldn’t see us being allowed to have that number of guests by this December so we chose to postpone the wedding to the 19th of December 2021. It’s a hard pill to swallow but it means we can have a bigger and better wedding than before and really enjoy the lead up to it rather than having worries.’ 

‘We haven’t been able to go to shops for wedding items that are on our list such as a visit to Country Baskets etc, but that doesn’t matter now that the date has been changed. We weren’t able to go for first suit fittings or go menu tasting at the venue but hopefully we will do this as time goes on.’

Q:How have you coped with wedding planning during the pandemic? What jobs have you got done?

‘I have felt really stressed during lockdown but any bits of wedding planning have been a welcome distraction. My mum made all the bridesmaids hand-tied faux flowers and buttonholes, decorated baskets and venue decor bits. I sent my invitations out during lockdown even with the uncertainty because we just needed to get our numbers confirmed(even though that will all change again now).’

Q: Some couples like to theme their wedding and we’ve even seen Star Wars themed days, as well as rainbow themed! Do you know what sort of theme you’re having if any?

‘Our wedding is a winter wedding and so the theme is primarily a modern twist on a classic Christmas theme. Think stags, whimsical decor & mood lighting, bells & berries, lots of personal touches to make it that bit more special (including your favourite Christmas chocolates in the favours).’

Q: Are there are unique things you plan to have on your wedding day? For example, we’ve seen the bride have a grandparent walk them down the aisle instead of the father, as well as couples having dogs as the ring bearers!

‘So as I lost my dad in 2019, it was upsetting initially thinking he couldn’t walk me down the aisle, so I decided to ask my dads brother, my uncle, to give me away on my wedding day. He was overwhelmed when I asked him and overjoyed to be walking me down the aisle on my big day! We are going to leave a chair empty for my dad though as I know he will be there with me. We are also having a memory table with lots of photos of those who aren’t with us anymore but who we would have loved to see us get married. Our two children are the only children involved in the actual ceremony because there’s that many children in the family, I would need a stage otherwise, so our daughter Dollie is flowergirl & our son Kaden is ring bearer.’

Q: What advice would you give to other couples who are just starting out planning their wedding?

‘Start a mood board or a Pinterest board to get ideas of what you want and save everything. Organisation is key so make sure you write and type everything down, I have a notebook with notes of things to remember to do for the wedding but I also have a colour coded spreadsheet on the laptop with things that need paying and things that are already sorted. I even have my Guestlist on the laptop to keep tabs on numbers for the day and evening. Do your research don’t just book one venue stylist for everything as tempting as it can be it can cost a fortune, we have venue decor from different stylists and we’ve done a lot of work ourselves to cut the costs.’

We will be keeping tabs on Maxine and David’s wedding and hope to do a full feature on it next year.

Lots of good luck for their special day!

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