Trending Wedding Cakes 2019 Edition
Trending Wedding Cakes 2019 Edition
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Everyone loves cake, and if you don’t, why not? It’s lovely!

Your wedding cake is the main centrepiece of your special day (apart from the happy couple of course!), so it’s important to find the right cake to showcase you and your other half’s personalities.

We’ve done the research for you (no cake tasting allowed unfortunately) and here is what’s trending for the 2019/20 season of wedding cakes.

Metallic (Golden) Cakes

Still a firm favourite, metallic and golden cakes are a top choice for couples getting married. In fact, it’s the second most popular trend for the new season (the first being white cakes). A golden accented wedding cake adds an air of opulence, encrusted with golden jewels and golden flowers, sometimes even merging with other cake themes, with gold dripping icing down the sides. Gold foil accents on white cakes are a particular trend to watch!

3d Floral covered cakes

This trend has extended its way from the 3d floral wedding gowns we’re seeing, into cake creations. Flowers are not only being added to accent a cake, but are now cascading all the way down, sweeping from left to right, to create a floral waterfall effect. In some cases, it seems the bigger the flower, the better!

Nearly Naked Cakes

These are a mainstay for wedding cakes it seems, with many couples opting for a buttercream covered rustic style cake instead of fondant icing. Nearly naked cakes can be dressed up with anything to add to a wedding theme. From flowers and fruit, to hand crafted chocolates and personalised name signs.

Hand-Painted Cakes

The beauty of a hand painted cake is that you can have any design you like on it. Whether it’s a silhouette of a couple in a romantic embrace, or whether its greenery hand-feathered along the side. Hand-painted cakes can be extra personalised to the happy couple, so it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. Late 2019/2020 trends are showing a lot of hand painted flowers on wedding cakes, also mixed in with real flowers to merge with the 3D cake trend.

Greens/ Turquoise

Greenery was a popular theme of last year, and its continuing on, with more couples opting for a fresh feel to their wedding cake. We’re seeing a mixture of real greenery adorning cakes, and also sugar crafted leaves for edible decoration.

Geode cakes

Geode cakes are everywhere; even down to being seen at local supermarkets, which means there’s no sign of this trend dying down soon. Coupled with a celestial hand painted and marble cake backdrop, the geode trend is flying high this wedding season.

White Cakes

This is no new trend, but traditional white fondant cakes are moving to the modern with smooth fondant icing being swapped for a white buttercream icing look. Still simple and classic, with a contemporary twist. The addition of fresh flowers accents a white cake so you can colour code it to the theme of your wedding.

Cheese Cakes

If cake is really not your thing, then why not opt for a cheese cake…that is, a cake made entirely of cheese wheels! This isn’t a new trend, but we felt it important to mention as not everyone has a sweet tooth, so if cheese is part of your life, then it should be a part of your wedding too. Cheese wedding cakes are also a great meal finisher, as after the photos have been taken, they can be taken away and cut up into cheeseboards for your guests to have with a glass of red wine and crackers!

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