Autumn Wedding Decor Ideas
Autumn Wedding Decor Ideas
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Autumn is officially here, so here at the I Do offices we’re feeling all things autumnal. So what better way than to get into the Autumn season than a post all about the Autumnal theme for your wedding.

Check out the wonderful colours of an Autumn wedding below.


It’s the perfect season to have pumpkins adorning every surface at your wedding. Why not use them as aisle runners, or even as part of your wedding centrepiece. Pumpkins come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, so there’s opportunity to group some together to create a pumpkin wedding feature.

Autumnal Scents

When you think of Autumn, what do you imagine it smells like? We think Bonfire night, sweet candy, cold brisk air and pumpkin spice; all the makings of Autumn. Try and use some of these scent ideas in your wedding, whether its an evening logburner, toffee apples as wedding favours, or even pumpkin spice lattes to warm your guests.

Nature Centrepieces

Use the colours and fruits of the season and create natural wedding centrepieces featuring figs,pomegranates and black grapes mixed in with dried autumn leaves and acorns. These will create a gorgeous scent along your dining tables.

Autumnal Wedding Cakes

You can really have fun with this one; either go all out with the colour scheme of Autumn and make use of bright oranges and reds, or add a subtler hint of Autumn with a white cake as a backdrop, but adorned with fondant pumpkins and autumn leaves and berries.

Make use of Candlelight or Fairylights

Or if your Venue doesn’t allow, use battery powered candles. There’s something magical and truly autumnal about candles burning in the evening that add such a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for your Autumn wedding reception. Festoon or Fairy lighting is also perfect for the Autumn season, as it adds just enough light to twinkle throughout your venue. You can also use fairy lights along your table decor to really get your guests in the Autumn mood.

Autumnal Flowers

Autumn bouquets can be made up of dried and fresh leaves, orange and red berries and Autumn flowers to create a multi-textured bridal bouquet. Thrown in an acorn or pinecone and your Autumn bouquet is complete!

Image courtesy of Blooms & Posies

Autumn Leaves

With any Autumn wedding, there has to be autumn leaves used for decoration. Bunting leaves would look lovely draped across the ceiling of your venue in all the shades of Autumn. You could also lay Autumn leaves down on the ground of your aisle if your venues allows it, so you get to crunch through them as you walk down it.

Tree Decor

Autumn is a time of transition when the leaves change colour and fall from the trees. So why not hire some large fake trees that you can adorn with fairy lights and have in place at your wedding ceremony on either side of the aisle. They will draw your guests’ eyes to the front and will be great for photos.

Have a Blanket Box

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, treat your guests to a snuggly blanket that they can keep warm under, which will also give major autumn feels. Use blankets in jewel tones and burnt oranges for a special autumn touch.

Autumnal Flower Crown

Instead of a veil or tiara, wear a flower crown with flowers of the season and complete your autumn wedding look.

Add a Rustic Feel

Rustic wooden wedding signs and wooden love letters work well with the Autumn theme because they add a cosy feel to your wedding decor. Also look at the use of hessian to tie in with some of your decor to amp up the rustic, autumnal feel.

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