Bridesmaid Styles for 2021
Bridesmaid Styles for 2021
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Choosing your bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be a chore; we’ve put together some style options to help you choose the best gowns for your bride tribe.

Mismatched styles
The best way to have fabulous bridesmaid gowns and keep all your bridesmaids happy is by opting for mismatched dresses. You could go one step further and let them choose their own colour too. If you’re wanting to tie dresses together with a theme, keep the same style but with a slightly different neckline. This way, bridesmaids with a bigger bust can have a more comfortable neckline and similarly, younger bridesmaids can go for a more modern style.

A bridesmaid jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress. Jumpsuits for bridesmaids can give the illusion of a gown with long flowing flared legs. They’ll add extra comfort but are a modern twist on the bridesmaid outfit.

Bridesmaids separates are great because you can mix and match different styles together to create some beautiful combinations. You can also have a bit of sparkle without going all out in a gown; combine a sequin top with a block pastel coloured skirt for a fab look. The good thing about separates is that your bridesmaids have the potential to wear the tops or bottoms again with different outfits!

Shorter gowns
A shorter gown style is a good alternative if you’re not wanting the full length look. Shorter tea length gowns would work well for vintage themed weddings. Also, for younger bridesmaids, a skater style gown may look better and is easier to move around in.

Slip gowns are a fabulous idea and a popular trend. Opt for a satin slip in beautiful Matte blue for winter weddings, or more blush and peach tones to fit with a Blush colour scheme.

Different shades of the same colour across bridesmaid gowns is a great way of letting your bridesmaids have a preferred shade, but also looks fabulous too. Just imagine the ombre look of your bridesmaids in different shades of pink or red. It will look fantastic on your wedding photos!

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