Now that’s Entertainment!
Now that’s Entertainment!
General Wedding Talk

Keep your guests entertained with our fantastic list of 20 wedding 

entertainment ideas.

Photobooth/ Magic Mirror/ Selfie Mirror

A photo booth is always a great way of encouraging your guests to dress up and act silly. Plus it doubles up as an amusing guest book for the evening too. Angelic Photo offer a unique photobooth experience that your guests will love. Find them on the back cover of the latest issue of I Do Magazine.

Pass the Parcel

This is a great ice breaker, get your guests involved in mini games of pass the parcel round each table. They’ll be laughing and chatting before you know it.

DIY Cocktail Bar

Mind the heavy pouring guests though! But a cocktail bar is a great interactive piece of entertainment and you could even have signature cocktails for your wedding that your guests could recreate.

Singing Waiters

Hiring Singing waiters for your wedding could be the best decision you make. They dress up as staff and then burst into song at any given moment, shocking your guests and making for brilliant entertainment. The Undercover Waiters are a group of UK wide performers who can add that special touch to your entertainment.


Line your guests up on either side with their sparklers and take a romantic walk through with your partner while they wave them around in celebration. They’re also good to keep kids entertained, with adult supervision of course.

Pinatas for Adults

Be sure to have a child friendly one so they don’t feel left out. But adult pinatas could make for some seriously funny memories to look back on. You could hide chocolate liqueurs inside, or rude wedding favours. Just make sure the kids don’t get hold of them. 

Temporary Tattoos

A great idea that both kids and adults alike will love. Get personalised temporary tattoos with your wedding date for guests to wear as a fun addition to your day.


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a magician to break the ice at a wedding reception. Walk round magicians can entertain your guests while you make the rounds with your other guests.

Wedding DJ

A timeless classic for your wedding entertainment, the DJ can introduce the newlyweds to their first dance and set the party atmosphere for the rest of the evening. MDG Entertainment really knows how to get the party started at your wedding.

Interactive Guest Book

Whether its writing on jenga blocks or adding little wooden heart notes into a glass heart display, this will keep guests entertained whilst leaving a lovely message on your big day.

Live Painters

Live painters can be on hand to paint your ceremony or your first dance in real time. It’s an amazing thing to see and is great entertainment for guests who want to watch the painter while they’re at work. Then at the end you get a beautiful portrait of your day that you can keep forever.

Casino Tables

A little light-hearted gambling is always a winner. Hire out casino tables for wedding guests to bet on and spin the roulette wheel to see if they win all the cash, or if the house does.

Live Wedding Band

You can’t beat a group of artists performing live at your wedding. Just choose the genre you prefer. From folk, to pop, rock to jazz, there are a huge range of live wedding bands out there to cater to all styles of music.

Wheel of Fun

Sort of like truth or dare, but with only dares. Get your guests to spin the wheel to find out if they need to breakdance in the next song or hug a guest they don’t know!


A great end to a wedding, fireworks look spectacular and are a brilliant photo opportunity.

Food Trucks

Ok, not necessarily entertainment, but we’re counting food trucks in this list.

Have a variety of trucks and watch as your guests wander round each one trying a little of everything. From American style burger vans, to fresh stone baked pizza and more, the foodie possibilities are endless.

Bouncy Castle

Not just for kids either! Hire a white wedding bouncy castle and watch as the adults throw off their heels and make a run for it. Maybe avoid this if you’ve had one too many drinks though.

Belly Dancers

Belly dancing is an art form, and is totally mesmerising to watch. Better yet, some of your more inebriated guests may want to give it a go too; that’s entertainment in itself. 

Drag Performers

Just like famous drag performer Derrick Barry impersonates Britney Spears, drag performers are a fantastic addition to your wedding entertainment. With light-hearted banter and the ability to belt out the celebrity’s hits (or at least lip-syncing amazingly well), hiring a drag performer will get your guests in the party mood.

Circus Performers

Looking for that WOW entertainment? Check out circus performers for your big day. From aerial artists, to fire-breathers and stilt walkers, these professionals make daring stunts look effortless and fun to watch. 


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