Role of the Mother of the Bride/ Groom
Role of the Mother of the Bride/ Groom
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The mother of the bride/groom has an important role on your wedding day. She is seen as one to provide comfort and strength when you’re at breaking point with nerves and also as a welcoming individual to your wedding guests as they arrive.

So here are some tips for the mother of the bride/groom:

Be there if the bride/groom needs you
It’s important not to step on any toes, but chances are at some point, you will be needed. Try and be available and offer help where you can, without overstepping boundaries. If they want your opinion on cake flavours, they will ask.

Be a shoulder to cry on
When it all gets too much, don’t say I told you so, instead, be there for your daughter/son and comfort them when it all gets a bit overwhelming. Most of the time all they want is to blow off some steam and have an ear to listen.

Help with the something borrowed…
If you have a family heirloom or just an item that’s very important to you, offering this for the bride is a huge statement, and one they will remember forever. It can be a brooch or item they can slip into their gown and have on proud display.

Meet the parents of the Groom/Bride
Strike up a relationship with the parents of whoever your son/daughter is marrying; they’ll be grateful you reached out to them. It’ll be a great opportunity to break the ice before the wedding and also, there’s strength in numbers!

Don’t sacrifice your happiness
If your son/daughter is turning into a real bride/groomzilla, take a step back and inform them that any decisions they make are completely up to them. Soon they will probably apologise for being so difficult and you can move on. The beauty of being a mum is that you don’t hold grudge, but also know when to call out your son/ daughter if they’re being unkind or purposely difficult.

Be a peacekeeper
Both before and on the actual wedding day, it’s important that you make sure that any potential fires are stubbed out before they turn into an argument. You’ve got a lot of friends and family all in one place who wouldn’t normally be altogether, so potential for flare ups is high. Try and dissipate conflict and make sure the guests are getting along, remember it’s a day for the married couple, not for the grooms’ cousin Sarah to start a fight with your daughter’s great Uncle Bob.

Tips for the Bride/Groom
It’s your big day, but it’s important to remember that your mum has watched you grow from being a little one, into a fully-fledged adult who is about to embark on the next stage of your life in marriage. It can be quite an emotional time for them, especially if you’re extremely close to one another.

So here are a few tips to make sure your mum feels a part of your day.

Make them feel needed
Involve them in decisions and take onboard what they say.

Get them a heartfelt gift
Something personal to them or photographic always goes down well.

Confide in them and take their advice.
If you’re struggling with how overwhelming it all is, confide in your mum. She can always make anything seem a lot less important than it really is, and you’ll feel all the better for it.

If you have both parents, maybe ask them both to give you away.

They will be really grateful that they get to share in this experience together.

Take some time out with her
Just remember that your mum will be stressed as well during your wedding planning, so try and take her away for a few hours or even overnight if you’re extremely close. Try and just have a general catch up about life and no wedding talk; even your mum can get sick of it sometimes!

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